Apr 12

You DO NOT need to switch EDI providers for testing

B2BGateway would like to clear up a common misconception regarding 3rd party EDI testing:
If you need to set up or test with ANY trading partner that uses a different 3rd party EDI testing provider, you do not need to switch your service from B2BGateway to maintain your EDI compliance with that trading partner. As part of your service, B2BGateway handles all EDI updates and testing for your business at no additional charge.

Some 3rd party EDI testing providers often try to convince clients that switching to their EDI service is required in order to complete testing with that trading partner. Not only is the practice deceptive, but switching EDI providers is unnecessary and can be very expensive. Simply put: this is 100% not true.

You have the option to work with any EDI solution you choose regardless of any sales pitch that claims otherwise. We successfully integrate clients with any trading partner and we have worked with all the 3rd party EDI testing providers in the industry on behalf of our clients so there is no need to switch your EDI service to a different provider.

If you are ever unsure or have any questions, before you make any decision, please feel free to reach out to your Project Manager or As always, B2BGateway values you and your business; we are here to help your company make a decision that is right for your business and is made on your terms.