Oct 23

Will EDI Work With ‘Cloud-Based’ ERP Systems?

cloud-ediAs the popularity of cloud-based ERP systems such as NetSuite and Intacct continues to surge, we often get the following question from customers who are considering switching to a cloud-based ERP system: Will this affect our capabilities to continue doing EDI with our trading partners?

The short answer is no, it should not. At B2BGateway we have been providing fully-integrated EDI solutions for the leading cloud-based ERP providers such as NetSuite, Intacct and Sage ERP X3 for over a decade. However, like everything else, you will need to do your homework to see if the new cloud-based ERP system you are considering is EDI capable. I would advise finding out the following:

  • Is the new ERP system fully cloud-based, or is it a hosted online version of a current on-premises ERP product?
  • Does the cloud-based ERP system have both import and export functionality?
  • Will you need to purchase additional EDI modules/connectors from the cloud ERP vendor?
  • Is your current EDI provider capable of working with and integrating the new cloud-based ERP solution? If not, are there other third party EDI providers on the market who can work with the new product?
  • Does the cloud-based ERP vendor currently have clients and partners using EDI with their system and can you get references?


The aforementioned retailers, distributors and agents who receive the EDI 832 transaction set from their trading partner(s) can integrate the data directly with their ERP or Accounting Software solution, thus helping to automate the exchange of information. Key information contained in the EDI 832 transaction set like minimum order quantities and number of items per container provides the client with key information to be used in the ordering process.

I would also go to online sites such as LinkedIn to see are there any user groups for the new ERP system. You could post a question amongst users to see if any are currently using EDI and to get their recommendations. For further information on B2BGateway’s EDI solutions, including solutions for cloud-based ERP systems, please visit us online at www.B2BGateway.Net, email Sales@B2BGateway.Net or call 401-401-9595 extension 2100.

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