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Fully-managed EDI & API Data Connectivity for Christmas Tree Shop

Automate Your Supply Chain

B2BGateway is the industry’s most well-recognized and reliable EDI solution.

  • Automate the exchange of any business documents such as purchase orders, invoices, inventory updates, advanced shipping notices, and more.
  • Increase profitability by reducing the costs associated with manual data entry errors.
  • B2BGateway offers the tools, support, and ongoing maintenance to be EDI compliant with Christmas Tree Shop.
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EDI Made Easy

EDI can be complicated without experts to set up and maintain your integrations. B2BGateway makes it quick, easy, and painless to streamline your EDI setup and become compliant fast.

EDI Improves Your Business Efficiency

Automating your supply chain with EDI saves you time & money. Once you are set up, you’ll be able to re-apply those resources to grow your business! EDI pays for itself.

EDI Compliance with Any Trading Partner

Become an eligible vendor for major retailers. We handle the setup and maintenance.

Eliminate Chargebacks

Avoid chargebacks and penalty fees due to EDI non-compliance and costly errors.

Improve Accuracy

Make your business more efficient by preventing data entry mistakes caused by human error.

Reduce Labor Costs

Automate your data entry & management for a fraction of the time and cost.

EDI Error Monitor

Real-Time Error Monitoring

We actively monitor your EDI relationships to ensure smooth operation.

Lower your Overhead & Get Paid Faster

Improve your ROI and expedite your shipping & billing processes with automated invoicing.

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Expert EDI Support

Clients will be provided a team of EDI experts to streamline the EDI setup process, provide education, and answer any questions you may have.

As a fully-managed EDI solution, we do all the heavy-lifting and handle the ongoing maintenance of your EDI system.

Support available for all clients after-hours and on weekends.

Warehouse Support Site (WSS)

Become EDI compliant with B2BGateway's warehouse & shipping management system

  • Send Advanced Ship Notices (ASNs)
  • Send Order Acknowledgements
  • Send Invoices
  • Print Carton & Pallet Labels
  • Print Pick Tickets
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