Apr 23

Trading Partner updates: Bob Stores and

bobs-storesBob Stores Trading Partner Updates.

As of start of business Monday, May 18th 2015, Bob’s Stores will change its VAN to the IBM® Sterling B2B Collaboration Network.  This change will affect all EDI transactions between Bobs Sores and their suppliers. If you are currently trading with Bobs Stores please contact your B2BGateway Support Engineer or the RRT team to make sure that your organization is ready for this change.

As per instructions from Bobs Stores:

  • If you exchange EDI data with Bob’s Stores using ICCNET, qualifier/ID 12 : 2032355775 you must instruct your VAN to switch over to the IBM® Sterling B2B Collaboration Network on 5/18/2015. Trading Partner Updates. (KohlsHUB) in conjunction with CommerceHub are making some adjustments and additions to the EDI 846 Inventory Inquiry/Advice file. If you are trading with please check in with your B2BGateway Support Engineer or RRT team to see if any updates are required from your account.

For further information on the above changes for Bob Stores or, or for EDI enquiries in general please call +1 401 491 9595 x 5 (US); +353 61 708533 (EU) or email Sales@B2BGateway.Net

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