New Feature: Trading Partner Status Report
Jun 20

New Feature: Trading Partner Status Report

B2BGateway introduces the Trading Partner Status Report

With the Trading Partner Status Report, clients can now view a full list of any EDI documents for any relationship being tested – all on one page and in real time. This provides clients with a status of where each relationship currently stands in the testing process.

B2BGateway clients can easily access this report by logging in to the client portal and then clicking ‘Reports’ » ‘Trading Partner Status Report’ on the left side navigation menu. Once on the report page, the full list of trading partners being tested will be broken down into a list of EDI documents that are required for that relationship.

Each EDI document will have a status listed next to the entry as well as the last date there was action on that document so clients can monitor the progress of their relationships. This page also has a filtering feature so clients can view specific trading partners’ documents or a specific kind of EDI document among all of their trading partners.

As always, if you have questions or need help with this report, please reach out to your Project Manager or the Production Support Team. If you would like more information regarding B2BGateway’s EDI & API Connectivity Solutions, please contact sales at or +1 (401) 491-9595 x5.