Mar 10

Top 5 Reasons Retailers Outsource Their EDI Testing & Validation Needs to B2BGateway

Outsourced EDI Testing & Validation is where a Retailer or Trading Partner outsources their EDI testing and compliance requirements to B2BGateway. B2BGateway helps the Retailer to on-board new suppliers by providing a custom built testing and validation portal for all Suppliers. Suppliers will be able to quickly and easily complete testing and validation for each EDI document against the document specifications and business rules supplied by the Retailer in a timely and efficient manner.

  1. ‘No-Cost’ Testing:
    B2BGateway offers a no-cost setup for you to participate in our testing and validation services. The only costs will be a small testing fee – billed directly to your suppliers / vendors.
  2. Instant Results:
    B2BGateway’s testing and validation service gives your suppliers / vendors instant results and clearly shows where the errors are and what is needed to fix them. Your suppliers will not have to wait days on end to find out if their document passed or failed. In fact, the status of the testing program is available 24/7 through the portal.
  3. Customized T&V:
    Our testing and validation service is completely customizable to meet your current EDI testing and validation needs as well as all future needs. Additionally, your testing portal will be complete with your name, logo, colors and mapping specification so it looks as if your suppliers / vendors are testing with you directly.
  4. More than one Testing Partner? No Problem:
    If you currently outsource testing but would like more options, B2BGateway will work in conjunction with your existing testing partner so you are able to offer your suppliers and vendors more choices when it comes to EDI testing and validation.


For further information on how B2BGateway can help you write mapping specifications, develope a testing program and help with the on-boarding process, please contact TrueCommerce B2BGateway at 401-491-9595 x 2101 or email Sales@B2BGateway.Net. You can also visit us online at www.B2BGateway.Net.

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