Jan 15

So I bought a new car…

new-carMy phone rang, I recognized the number, ‘Oh no’, I thought to myself, ‘It’s Joe, the sales guy I collected my new car from only two days previous’. It can only be one of two things, he’s calling to give me a lecture about how crap the car I traded in was, or else there’s a problem with the finance. Either way he wants my new car back. Should I answer or just cower and let it go to voicemail? I answered.

Sales Guy: “Hello Roger”.

Me: “Hello Joe”.

Sales Guy: “Roger, temperatures dropped a lot last night and there’s a lot of ice on the roads, I just wanted to make sure you are ok?”

Me: “Why, yes I am Joe, thanks for calling”

Sales Guy: “No bother, I also just wanted to call and make sure you are happy with your new car and if there is anything else I can do for you?”

Me: “Thanks Joe, I am absolutely delighted with my new car and thanks for all your help.”

After additional pleasantries exchanged, call over.  I wipe the sweat from my brow and think, what a nice call, it only took the guy 30 seconds to make, but it made my day. I then started thinking further about my brief relationship with Joe.

It all started on a very wet Saturday morning last December when my wife and I decided to visit a dealership to view a car I admired and had been reading great reviews about. My only worry was, because it has a relatively small engine, would it be underpowered? I needed a test drive to see for myself.

On entering the dealership like two drowned rats from the deluge outside, I noticed a group of 3 to 4 sales people standing around, having a great conversation, laughing and ultimately ignoring my wife and I. Then a gentleman comes out of a doorway, notices my wife and I, comes straight over to us and says “Hi, I’m Joe can I help you today?”

After we proceeded to explain our needs, wants and likes and the fact that we would really like to test drive our chosen model with exact engine size there was a pause. He was not sure that he had one with the engine we wanted in stock. He proceeded to make us both a coffee and asked us could we bear with him for a few minutes – that he would either call back a sales guy who was not working that Saturday, but was driving one, or he would have a double check ‘down the back’.

After a few minutes wait Joe returns and says “I found one down the back, let’s go for a drive.” I drove, my wife sat in the front passenger seat and Joe sat in the back. The car performed extremely well and I was hooked. After I pulled over to turn around and drive back to the dealership, Joe asked my wife did she drive. After answering to the affirmative and after much persuasion from both Joe and I, my wife drives the car back to the dealership.

Back in the dealership, we agree on terms for a deal, but then my wife throws a curve ball, “I want one in black!”, she exclaims. Joe’s face goes red, “We only have a Silver or White in stock. I can order a black from the distributor but it may not get here until March/April. Alternatively I can ring around some fellow dealers to see if they have a black one in stock and are will to give it to me?”

“Please do Joe”, I said. So to cut a long story short, Joe sourced a black car from a fellow dealer, had it ready for me for collection for January 12th, filled it with gas, setup all the cars settings, sorted the finance and let me drive away one happy camper.

Sales Guy: “Roger, temperatures dropped a lot last night and there’s a lot of ice on the roads, I just wanted to make sure you are ok?”

Now that, Ladies and Gentlemen is old fashioned, but brilliant customer service……

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