Shipping Labels

In today’s business environment, shipping labels, or in technical terms, the GS1-128 label (formerly known as UCC-128), have become a necessary part of the criteria for large format retailers in automating the supply chain with their suppliers.

The labels are an outer label affixed to each carton and/or pallet and provide information about a particular shipment. This label will alert the trading partner about shipment information such as who the vendor/supplier is, carton content, store ship to location, etc., and is a mix of both human readable as well as scan-able information.

The label on every carton is scanned at its destination location (e.g. trading partner central warehouse) and information usually is tied to an Advance Ship Notice (ASN) that has already been transmitted via EDI to the trading partner from the supplier.

  • The ASN and shipping label will provide a link to the original PO sent by your trading partner(s).
  • Implementing these labels with your trading partner(s) is not just seen as best business practice, but it will also speed up all shipping and receiving procedures, in turn leading to a faster ‘Order to Payment’ cycle for your organization.
  • The automation of the supply chain with the introduction of ASN and shipping labels will help decrease your manual labor costs and help reduce errors.
  • All ASN and shipping label standards are global – this alleviates confusion from global suppliers with regard to product details, weights and quantities.
  • The ASN and shipping label standards apply throughout the entire supply chain, from raw materials supplier to manufacturer to distributor/wholesaler to end user/retailer.
  • These labels can be used for both inter and intra-company transactions.

* GS1-128 Shipping Labels (also known as UCC-128) are outer case barcode labels that are used to let the receiver know what items are in the case/box

The TrueCommerce B2BGateway Warehouse Support Site enables your business to send Advanced Ship Notices (ASNs), Order Acknowledgements, and Invoices, as well as Print Carton & Pallet Labels and Pick Tickets.

Warehouse Support Site (WSS)

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  • Send Advanced Ship Notices (ASNs)
  • Send Order Acknowledgements
  • Send Invoices
  • Print Carton & Pallet Labels
  • Print Pick Tickets
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