Setup Queue – Client Portal

Introducing the Setup Queue

In order to expedite our existing setup queue system and to provide our clients with more transparency in the EDI setup process, B2BGateway is proud to announce our new Setup Queue. This system has been designed with progress bars and detailed information to keep our clients “in the know” and on track with each setup they initiate. In this demonstration, we will explain the basic features of the Setup Queue and guide you through initiating a new trading partner setup.

This new system has been designed to allow for greater transparency and access to more detailed information regarding your setups. If you have any questions, you are encouraged to use contact the Production Support Team from within your client portal, however, feel free to reach out to your support engineer and they will be there to help resolve your issue as they always have.

EDI Process

Setup Queue – Dashboard

This is your Setup Queue dashboard from the landing page of your client portal. On the left, you will see client alerts, general alerts and an icon to access the Production Support Team (not seen). Additionally, you will see your top five trading partner relationships in progress.

The dashboard view will give you a quick summary of where these top setups stand via the progress bar and will be accompanied by a status report note. Click one of these trading partners to get more details or click “see all trading partners” on the bottom of the list to view all of your setups.

EDI Process

Setup Queue – All TPs

Here is the list of all Trading partners setup on the account. This is basically an expanded list of what was seen on the Setup Queue dashboard. This will list all of your trading partners currently being set up, on hold or in production. A status message is still available for each trading partner listed in this section as well as the progress bar.

Additional information such as date added, 3PL check, document lists and setup details link are also available. Click on any of these trading partners to get a more detailed status.

EDI Process

Setup Queue – TP Detail

Once you click on more details for a trading partner, you will be shown the list of documents for the relationship between your company and your trading partner. This will include any documents that are setup for EDI services such as the 856, 855, 810, 850 and other such documents.

The Trading Partner Detail page will list the directionality of each document and give a status message with progress bar as well. You can click on a document or visit our EDI documents page for more detailed information.