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Selling on with B2BGateway

Sell on Walmart

2016 saw Walmart welcome 3rd party retailers to sell on, the world’s fourth largest online retailer. Here at B2BGateway, we have guided numerous clients in their efforts to sell their products on, and we can do the same for you!

Starting with good news, getting products listed on Walmart is known to be a lot simpler than other marketplaces.

How to sell on

Getting accepted as a Walmart Marketplace Seller comprises of three steps:

  1. Registering with is the first step in becoming a Marketplace Seller. At this stage you will need to provide basic information about your business and the types of products you sell.
  2. If you are successful in the above application to apply, you will then need to provide more company information and documents.
  3. Walmart will approve your application and your company accepts the terms of the Supplier Agreement.

Once you’re certified, the benefits are endless:

  • Increased exposure – Walmart is one of the largest online marketplaces in America.
  • Ease of transactions – once the initial set up stage is complete, transactions will be taken over by Walmart.
  • Professional customer support – Walmart will ask as the first port of contact for your customers, only in exceptional cases will they be referred back to you.
  • Access to knowledge base – Access to Walmart professionals who aid you in improving sales and brand reputation.
  • Analytics – Walmart provide you with the tools to track your sales performance. Identifying trends will help you make informed business decisions in the future.

As EDI providers, B2BGateway makes selling on easier through EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). With EDI, there is no need to re-key data, saving time and money. Due to its cloud based nature, human error is reduced significantly as well as your company’s carbon footprint.

If you have any questions on selling to Walmart, click here for FAQ.


EDI Documents required by (X12 format)

810                                                         Invoice

846                                                         Inventory Inquiry/Advice

850                                                         Purchase Order

855                                                         Purchase Order Acknowledgment

856                                                         Ship Notice

860                                                         Purchase Order Change Request (Buyer Initiated)

Packing Slip                                           Also known as delivery lists or bills of parcel

GS1 – 128 Labels                                  An outer label affixed to each carton/pallet about a particular shipment



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