Jul 21

Saks Fifth Avenue Updating EDI Mapping Specifications

Saks-fifth-avenueSaks Fifth Avenue has recently communicated to all suppliers and trading partners that it will require updated mapping specifications for the EDI 810 (Invoice, effective October 05, 2015) and the EDI 850 (Purchase Order, effective August 17, 2015). Here is a brief extract of the Saks Fifth Avenue communication:

To facilitate processing of Invoice Payments and to move closer to common mapping among the Hudson Bay banners, Saks Fifth Avenue is making the following changes. 

EDI 810 (US): Effective October 5, 2015

  • BIG03 Purchase Order Date (CCYYMMDD) which is to match the BEG Segment on 850 Purchase Order
  • REF*MA Segment to include ASN / Shipment #  which is to match the BSN02 on the 856 Advance Ship Notice

EDI 850 Purchase Order: Effective August 17, 2015

  • REF*VR Segment to include Vendor Number which is to match the N104 on the Invoice

If either the BIG03 or the REF*MA segment is not present on the EDI 810 document, the system will send the 824 Application Advice detailing the error. A corrected EDI 810 must be transmitted for payment processing.

In order to make sure that your organization meets the above deadlines, please contact your B2BGateway Support Team today.

If you are not currently a B2BGateway customer but would like help with meeting the Saks Fifth Avenue EDI requirements please contact our sales team today at Sales@B2BGateway.Net or call +1-401-491-9595.

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