October 29, 2014 | Boston, MA – Soup season is upon us and Kettle Cuisine is pulling out all the stops. With fabulous new soups such as roasted red pepper and gouda bisque simmering in their new state-of-the-art facility in Lynn, Massachusetts, Kettle Cuisine continues to make mouths water across the country.

Several decades ago, armed with a Boston University law degree, Harvard MBA, and an entrepreneurial spirit, founder Jerry Shafir set out to create fresh, all-natural, high quality soup for restaurateurs. From its humble beginnings in Jerry’s garage, Kettle Cuisine now produces more than 40,000 gallons of fresh, small batch soups daily from their 300,000 sq. ft. facility just north of Boston. Kettle Cuisine distributes to restaurants and major grocers across the continental United States.

In 2013, Director of Information Technology, Neal Anderson enlisted the help of B2BGateway to integrate EDI with their Ross ERP system to allow for the automation of sending and receiving standard business documents such as purchase orders, invoices and advanced shipment notifications. Today, B2BGateway automates the transmission of thousands of documents and tens of thousands of SKUs (product lines) each month.

“EDI has helped us streamline our order-to-payment cycle with our largest distributors,” stated Anderson. “Over half of our business goes to bulk distributors such as SYSCO and US Foods. By automating the process, we’re able to focus on providing our customers with the best possible support, opposed to spending hours manually entering orders.”

With an entirely natural line of products, Kettle Cuisine not only strives to honor and create wholesome foods, they also provide them to communities in need. Whether it’s the 80,000 cups of soup donated each year to the Boston Food Bank or their new community in Lynn, the growing company is making sure the neighborhood benefits too.

About Kettle Cuisine: Founded just outside of Boston in 1986, Kettle Cuisine handcrafts small batch, all natural soups from scratch for restaurants, foodservice operators and grocery retailers who take pride in the food they share with their guests. Sourcing only the finest ingredients from trusted purveyors, Kettle Cuisine makes soup the traditional way, using artisan techniques that honor each ingredient, building flavor slowly for an unforgettable taste. For more information regarding Kettle Cuisine, please go to www.kettlecuisine.com or visit them at www.facebook.com/kettlecuisine

About B2BGateway: B2BGateway, a GS1 Accredited solution provider, is a leading global EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) provider with offices in North America and Europe. B2BGateway offers 24/7 customer support with each client assigned a designated setup team. B2BGateway EDI solutions are simple to use, competitively priced, highly effective and can increase profitability by reducing costs associated with manual data entry. For further information please call US:+1 (401) 491-9595, EU: +353 61 708533 or log onto www.B2BGateway.Net