March, 2011 | Boston, MA – B2BGateway’s cloud based, fully integrated EDI solutions for Acumatica were chosen by award winning computer case and cooling supplier NZXT to communicate seamlessly and electronically with customers such as Amazon and Best Buy.

NZXT has grown into a globally renowned brand, recognized for its dedication towards creating great gaming enhancing products and winning numerous awards from media publications across the globe. As a corporation formed by gamers, NZXT continues to expand into new horizons and push the limits further with each new product unveiling. Founded by Johnny Hou and headquartered in Los Angeles CA, the company is best known for being a major manufacturer of computer cases, components, and accessories for the PC enthusiast market since 2004.

In order to improve supply chain efficiencies, cut costs and to scale for ever increasing growth, NZXT enlisted the help of B2BGateway to integrate EDI with theirAcumatica ERP system. Having a fully integrated EDI solution allows NZXT to automate the sending and receiving of standard business documents such as purchase orders, invoices, advanced shipping notifications and inventory updates with their customers. Having B2BGateway’s EDI solution fully integrated with NZXT’s Acumatica ERP system removes the need for the NZXT staff to manually re-key data; this in turn leads to reduced errors, lower labor costs and faster payments from their customers.
“B2BGateways’s cloud based, fully integrated EDI solution for Acumatica provides the communications, data translation and mapping functionality required by NZXT to comply with all our trading partners’ EDI requirements “, states Eugene Chang Head of Logistics at NZXT, “Taking into consideration that Acumatica is a relatively new product and the short time frame required for our EDI implementation, B2BGateway did a great job! Within a month we experienced the many benefits of a seamless, fully integrated EDI solution.”

Louisa Gooding, Director of Sales & Strategic Partnerships at B2BGateway, added “As Acumatica’sEDI solution partner, B2BGateway was delighted to be introduced to NZXT by leading AcumaticaVAR Collins Computing. B2BGateway has been working with Acumatica for approximately two years now and our EDI solution is fully built into the Acumatica users dashboard, giving ease of access to the B2BGateway Client Portal where the user can control all their EDI functionality, view reports and add new trading relationships as required”.

About NZXT: Avant-garde and unconventional – NZXT was created because they aspire to make a positive difference for people. NZXT believes that there are companies that ship product, and then there are companies that ship innovation. The organization is one of the leading suppliers of computer cases, cooling, power supplies and lighting products for the PC games enthusiast. For further information please visit

About B2BGateway: B2BGateway, a GS1 Accredited solution provider, is a leading global EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) provider with offices in North America, Europe, Australia and China. B2BGateway offers 24/7 customer support with each client assigned a designated setup team. B2BGateway EDI solutions are simple to use, competitively priced, highly effective and can increase profitability by reducing costs associated with manual data entry. For further information please call +1 (401) 491 9595 (USA), +353 61 708533 (EU), +61 28003 7584 (ANZ) or log onto