June 4, 2015 | Boston, MA B2BGateway, a leading global EDI solution provider, has just announced the launch of the B2BGateway EDI Connect App on the Apple iTunes store. The App is available for Apple devices running iOS 6 or later, including iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Apple device users can now take advantage of B2BGateway’s EDI solutions and manage their trading relationships whenever and wherever they want. In today’s highly mobile and dynamic world people want to access relevant information quickly and at their fingertips. Now B2BGateway clients can enable a new B2BGateway EDI Connect application and check the latest updates related to their EDI transactions.

EDI Connect App will increase the efficiency of the entire supply chain. Innovations arising in the mobile field, especially in the field of smartphones, are a source of exciting new communication opportunities. B2BGateway developed solutions using mobile technologies that enable companies to enter into electronic transactions with suppliers at the next level. The EDI app is designed to facilitate instant access to information about support services offered by the organization.

B2BGateway EDI Connect App is a very successful, visual and simple tool for reporting and getting a quick overview of your trading partner relationships. B2BGateway clients are now able to view company information and contact a support engineer with one click. They can also view transaction report details, filter results by date, document number and trading partner name.

“The App is the result of intensive cooperation of our employees and our joint will to fulfill our client’s business needs. It is focused on helping our clients plan smarter,” said B2BGateway CEO, Kevin Hoyle. “Choose transaction report and you will get list of your recent transactions. With one tap, you will get instant access to all your EDI relationships.”

B2BGateway is doing business without barriers, running regardless of geographical location, thanks to Internet connectivity, which allows for monitoring of processes in real time and keeping clients in touch with support engineers 24/7. For over 16 years the company focused on dynamic solutions in modernizing and transforming business processes. Today they manage the largest community of users in the EDI market, including over 4600 trading partners.

“Our technologies are innovative because they meet the specific requirements of business people. Regardless of where they are, they will now have a full access to their transactions which will in turn make their business processes more beneficial,”said Director of Global Business Development at B2BGateway, Roger Leyden. “Thanks to EDI Connect App, we help our clients to focus on key tasks for the success of their projects, taking responsibility for the overall business in the field of EDI. Our goal is to increase productivity of our clients, their market share and to provide satisfaction to their customers. That is why each of our solutions and EDI Connect App has been developed to meet the needs of clients in specific sectors.”

B2BGateway’s EDI solutions combined with mobile technology give greater functionality and support to their ever increasing client base. The company has also plans to release B2BGateway EDI Connect App for Android.

About B2BGateway: B2BGateway, a GS1 Accredited solution provider, is a leading global EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) provider with offices in North America, Europe and Australia. B2BGateway offers 24/7 customer support with each client assigned a designated setup team.  B2BGateway EDI solutions are simple to use, competitively priced, highly effective and can increase profitability by reducing costs associated with manual data entry. For further information please call +1 (401) 491 9595 (USA), +353 61 708533 (Europe), +61 2 8003 7584 (Australia) or log onto www.B2BGateway.Net

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