Upcoming Webinar: No Warehouse, No Problem!
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Jul 21
Warehouse Support Site

Upcoming Webinar: No Warehouse, No Problem!

Please join us on our webinar, Wednesday August 12th, as we unveil the improvements to our Warehouse Support Site.


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Warehouse Support Site Improvements

“One of the biggest improvements to our Warehouse Support Site is the concept of flows.”

Our improved Warehouse Support Site guides you on what you should be doing to complete specific tasks.  Right on the home page of the WSS, you can view all of your orders and what you should be doing next to complete the order.  It’s all optional and you can do whichever step you want, but it acts as a guide to help you do things in the right order.

More improvements and advantages to B2BGateway’s Warehouse Support Site:

  • Data Validation

(Example: If you submit a form on the WSS website and it is missing a required field, the site will automatically detect the error and protect you from submitting information with missing data.)

  • Improved Layout

(Instead of having meaningless pack ID’s, our Warehouse Support Site shows you exactly what’s in each pack.  You can actually see which items are nested in the packs themselves.)

  • Quicker Setups

(We’ve designed the site in a way where most of our staff can setup forms for things like ASN’s or labels without writing the actual code needed to complete those setups.  This is beneficial to prospects who want quick setups because we are not relying on specific programmers to write new code.)

Contact us to get more information on our Warehouse Support Site or if you have any other questions about our connectivity solutions.  

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No Warehouse? No Problem! B2BGateway’s Warehouse Support Site
Wed, Aug 12, 2020 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM (EDT)

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Warehouse Support Site

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