Feb 16

Using Netsuite EDI to get your orders from Magento

blog-magentoB2BGateway uses Magento API (web services) to pull orders from your customers and push them into your NetSuite ERP. All of the work is done behind the scenes and setting up the integration requires only a few pieces of information.


  1. Magento requires an API role be created in order to communicate with B2BGateway. Login to the Magento Admin Panel and navigate to System > Web Services > Roles.
  2. This page lists the current API roles. If there none listed, click on Add New Role.
  3. Every role needs a name and we recommend “B2BGateway API”.
  4. The second tab on the left (Role Resources) allows you to select which resources should be available for users with this role. While you can select exactly which privileges are given, we recommend you select All to make things more simple.


  1. Now that the API role is created, you need to add a dedicated user.
  2. To create a user account, fill in the fields of First Name, Last Name and Email. We recommend creating “B2BGateway EDI” for the username. Please make sure the API Key is secure.
  3. Now you have to “connect” the new user and the new role. Click on the second tab on the left called User Role. Select the radio button next to the “B2BGateway API” and click save user. This will allow the new user to use the role permissions you created earlier.


  1. Once the API role and the API user is defined and set within Magento, B2BGateway will build the required data maps in order to do the data translations so that the original purchase order from Magento will automatically go into NetSuite as a Sales Order.
  2. B2BGateway can also set up optional documents like the Invoice and Inventory Advice. The Inventory Advice will update inventory levels on Magento available from your NetSuite ERP. The invoice can also be used to update tracking information on Magento if available.

The B2BGateway NetSuite EDI solution for Magento can also be connected to your Warehouse, 3PL or Drop Shipper. For further information on how to integrate your Magento eCommerce online shopping platform with NetSuite call +1 401 491 9595 / +353 61 708533 or email Sales@B2BGateway.Net

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