CEO Address

As I’ve mentioned in previous CEO addresses, B2BGateway is constantly making changes to improve EDI and advanced data connectivity processes. Each year in December, the directors of hold special staff meetings to solicit inputs from our staff on process improvements. The improvements can be something that was suggested by one of our clients, or something that a staff member thought of on their own. Each of these suggestions is collected and documented for review at our annual summit.

Each January, our senior management team meets at an off-site summit for several days to decide which of the improvements will be implemented in the coming year. We sort through all the suggestions and determine which are the five most important, which are quick enhancements, which suggestions are truly needed and which fall on the “Lets do it if we have time” list. even though a lot of these suggestions are really cool from a technological standpoint, other less glamorous suggestions often are truly needed and tend to take precedence.

At the management summit we also agreed upon a theme for the coming year. Last year our theme was “Teamwork”, and we made great strides to do just that. Our theme for 2017 is “The Machine”. The Machine is a fully integrated system in which all parts have to function properly or the whole machine fails to work. In recognizing that we are each one specific part of an integrated system, we wanted to stress that everything affects everything else. We planned some exciting changes for 2017 and as always we would love to hear your comments or suggestions. As the CEO and founder of B2BGateway, I really want to hear what you have to say, as such I can be reached at I look forward to hearing from you!    Kevin

Kevin Hoyle | CEO, on EDI and advanced data connectivity