Aug 08

What should Intuit QuickBooks users and Pro Advisors expect for the future?

Intuit QuickBooks EDIFor B2BGateway clients and prospects this is a common question. For Charlie Russell, a Pro Advisor and frequent QuickBooks Inner Circle writer/contributor, it is a key issue. In a recent QuickBooks Inner Circle article he commented “While Intuit doesn’t often make specific development plans public, the answer is obvious, the future is mobile. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone given the explosion in the past few years of smart phones, tablet devices, and more. But what about those of us who still rely heavily on our desktop computers? Will we be left out?”

Late last year Intuit released the Intuit 2020 Report, which explores technology and other trends that will affect small businesses over the next decade. This wasn’t presented as a specific business plan for Intuit, but it is clear that mobile technology will be a strong component of any direction the company takes. Charlie continued “In the last few years we’ve seen this mobile trend in the making, with more and more QuickBooks features being released as a part of the Intuit App Center. Does this mean that we will lose our desktop products?”

Not necessarily, according to Scott Cook, the co-founder of Intuit. In last month’s Inner Circle Q&A session, answering a question about QuickBooks Online Edition, Cook said, “What we are trying to do is to enable the QuickBooks desktop user to get many of the benefits of QuickBooks Online Edition. The data that is in QuickBooks can also be up in the cloud where people can get to it and where other apps can get to it.”  The key here is anywhere, anytime access.

This doesn’t necessarily translate into abandoning the desktop. Although Intuit is working hard on mobile solutions, Cook says, “Part of our goal is to make it so you don’t have to be at the client location whenever we can make that happen.” For example, Intuit is working on eliminating the need for accountants to travel to fix something in the client’s books. A visit to the client will instead be for the “human touch, the things you choose to do.”

Charlie was reassured. “I take these comments as meaning that Intuit’s vision for my future doesn’t require me to conduct my business through a mobile phone or an iPad. I’ll have that option when I need it, but I won’t be forced that direction. And that works for me!”

Whatever the future brings, B2BGateway will continue to work closely with Intuit to provide our clients with leading edge integrated solutions that will directly address their needs. B2BGateway has been providing EDI for QuickBooks users since 1999. We have provided EDI connectivity for QuickBooks users to every major Retailer and Manufacturer around the world. In our previous implementations we have learned many important lessons and we have addressed almost every business need. If you have a special business need we have probably dealt with the same situation with a previous client. If you would like to know more about B2BGateway’s cloud based, fully integrated EDI solutions for QuickBooks please email us at: Sales@B2BGateway.Net or read more about our QuickBooks solutions here:

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