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B2BGateway | Integrated EDI Technology

Integrated EDI Solutions

Integrated EDI solutions enable efficient, seamless communication between all parties in the supply chain by removing the need to re-key data and reducing the need to rely on human manual processes.

Since 1999 B2BGateway has built integration tools that allow the user to connect EDI directly to their back-end office system.  B2BGateway supports both SDK and API integration platforms. Having a fully integrated EDI solution enables incoming purchase orders to be populated as sales orders in the users back-end system, while returning documents such as invoices and ship notices can be pulled automatically and returned to the trading partner in their required EDI format.

B2BGateway’s Integrated EDI solutions are trusted by thousands of organizations worldwide for the exchange of electronic business documents such as orders, invoices, shipping notices, inventory updates, etc.  Having a global footprint allows B2BGateway to support all internationally recognized EDI standards (ANSI X12, EDIFACT, Tradacoms, PEPPOL, oioUBL, XML, etc.) as well as commuication protocols (VAN, AS2, FTP, sFTP, HTTP etc.).

B2BGateway fully integrated, cloud based EDI solutions can support:

  • ERP or Accounting Software ( NetSuite, Sage, QuickBooks, Acumatica, Xero, SAP, Exact etc.)
  • WMS (Camelot, Snap Fulfill, 3PL Central)
  • Inventory and OMS (Acctivate, Freestyle Solutions, Brightpearl, TradeGecko)
  • eCommerce  solutions (Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, Bigcommerce, 3dcart, Volusion)
  • Legacy systems. If you have a one-off custom built back-end office software solution, B2BGateway’s integrated EDI solutions may be able to support same, providing your custom back-end solution has both import and export functionality. Please contact our offices to discuss your individual needs.