Dec 23

How to use B2BGateway EDI solutions to fulfill your orders when using NetSuite and a 3PL

It is important to understand the flow of documents when working with EDI. This sequence will show you how to work with a 3PL or Third Party Logistics provider and NetSuite when integrating with a box store retailer such as Walmart. This is a typical EDI transaction where the NetSuite user uses a 3PL to store and ship goods.

  1. A Purchase Order (850) is sent from Trading Partner to NetSuite user and is imported into NetSuite as a Sales Order (850).
  2. The Sales Order is pulled from NetSuite based on pre-determined criteria and sent as a Warehouse Ship Order (940) to the 3PL.
  3. The 3PL returns a Warehouse Ship Advice (945) which B2BGateway sends to the TP (if required) as an Advance Ship Notice (856) and also fulfills the sales order in NetSuite.
  4. The NetSuite user creates an Invoice (810) in NetSuite and based on the query rules established it will be pulled by B2BGateway and sent to the TP as an Invoice (810).

To learn more about B2BGateways fully integrated EDI solutions for NetSuite and 3PL’s , please visit us online at www.B2BGateway.Net, email Sales@B2BGateway.Net or call 401-401-9595 extension 5.

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