Mar 30

Household Chores

Cleaning-choresThe days are longer, temperatures are warmer, and in the tradition of spring cleaning, it’s time to tackle those chores around that house that you’ve been putting off all winter. From smaller projects like mopping floors to more ambitious ones like remodeling or additions, one has to make a choice whether to take on the task or leave it up to professionals. Let’s look at a few common household projects to help you decide:

SHAMPOOING THE CARPETS: A necessary evil for any home with wall-to-wall carpeting, especially if you have pets or kids, a good carpet shampooing will open your eyes to just how gross your house can be. You won’t realize extent of the downtrodden carpet dirt until you take one pass with a shampoo vac and see the freshly exposed original color next to the brown tinged color it transformed into over years of abuse. This is probably the easiest to do on your own since you can rent a Rug Doctor or something comparable nearly anywhere, but a professional service will come to your home, move all furniture, and put everything back once carpet is completed and dried.

MOWING THE LAWN: Mowing the lawn, in practice, is not a difficult task- if you can vacuum a floor, you can mow a lawn. However, the equipment is expensive, since you’ll need to buy a lawnmower that will need regular maintenance and gas to power that lawnmower. Also, unlike many other projects, lawn mowing is an ongoing chore that will likely be needed weekly during peak season. If you let it go too long, it’ll soon look like a yard that neighborhood children will avoid playing near in fear of being kidnapped by the weirdos who live inside. But maybe that’s what you’re going for.

CHANGING A LIGHT FIXTURE: Working with electricity likely incites terror into those whom face it- as it should: Household electricity is nothing to mess around with, because it could literally kill you. We as humans have a unique advantage over this phenomenon in the form of a circuit panel- if you kill the power to fixture that needs maintenance, it can’t hurt you. That said, unless you have a basic know-how of wiring and circuitry and the tools involved to ensure safe connections, this is a project best left to trade electricians.

In every case, there are several main factors that sway the decision:

  1. The time and cost for you to complete the project vs. hiring a professional
  2. The tidiness of the finished product
  3. The ambition to learn how to do it

If you think your project can meet the standards of a professional service more economically on your own, take the reins and go for it. However, most situations will not weigh in favor of each criteria point, and is generally best left to be handled by professionals whom are experts in that specific field. Disregarding any subtext, the same can be said about your EDI provider. Contact us at to leave your data exchange solutions to the professionals at B2BGateway.

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