Sep 05

Five ways to increase your security in the Cloud

EDI-SecurityCloud computing is growing at a rapid pace, offering many benefits to end users such as cost savings, scalability, ease of access, speed of implementation and so on. At B2BGateway our EDI systems have been operating in ‘The Cloud’ since 1999, long before the term ‘Cloud Computing’ was invented; heck, back then we just simply called it doing business over the internet.

As with all technology, security should be to the forefront if you are considering moving your systems to the cloud. Here are my top five tips that you should consider when looking at cloud based applications and/or cloud providers:

  1. Make sure your cloud provider has put security into your SLA.
    Many cloud providers do not mention security in their SLA’s. In your negotiations with a cloud provider you should bring up security and insist that the provider puts the agreed security terms into the SLA. The rules of Caveat Emptor apply here – ‘Let the buyer beware’.
  2. Make a strong password!
    The importance of strong passwords cannot be stressed enough. Yet, even today, many people still set weak passwords and are reckless with passing them on to other members of staff who do not need to know them. New passwords should be set frequently, particularly if key members of staff leave the organization.
  3. Encrypted data
    Encryption will help to limit the damage if your systems are hacked or wrongly accessed. It will also give users confidence that their data is more secure.
  4. Test, test, test … and test again!
    The only sure-fire way to make something secure is to test it. Test, test and test again, always trying to break it, you may even consider hiring an outside contractor for an independent point of view. Chances are that if you and / or your contractor can find a way to get unauthorized access, someone else can as well.
  5. Firewalls are your friend
    A good firewall is still one of the best solutions to preventing unauthorized access to your data. Because of the very nature of cloud computing, remote access will no doubt be required by authorized users in your organization. A firewall will add an extra layer of security and help fend off unwanted approaches.


If you would like to know more about B2BGateway’s cloud-based EDI solutions and our security measures within, please visit us online at www.B2BGateway.Net, email Sales@B2BGateway.Net or call 401-401-9595 extension 2100.

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