Mar 22

EDI Transaction Sets Frequently Used in Manufacturing

edi for manufacturingEDI in Manufacturing – the below list, though not exhaustive, is a sample of the most common EDI transaction sets currently used in today’s manufacturing and automotive industries. The list names the most popular ANSI X12 and EDIFACT transaction sets and gives a brief description of each:

  • ANSI X12 810 / EDIFACT INVOIC Invoice – sent by manufacturers to the customer to bill for goods ordered and delivered.
  • ANSI X12 830 / EDIFACT DELFORPlanning Schedule/Material Release – provides forecast data for upcoming orders that helps suppliers manage materials and other resources such as labor requirements. Not all 830’s, however, can be used to create a Purchase Order, just manufacturers with 830’s that have release capabilities.
  • ANSI X12 832 / EDIFACT PRICATPrice/Sales Catalog – used by manufacturers to provide product information and prices to their supply chain partners in the form of a catalog.
  • ANSI X12 846 / EDIFACT INVRPTInventory Inquiry/Advice – used to notify trading partners of on-hand inventory. Becoming a strong requirement from Online Retail trading partners.
  • ANSI X12 850 / EDIFACT ORDERSPurchase Order – used by manufacturer to purchase materials and/or services from a supplier.
  • ANSI X12 856 / EDIFACT DESADVAdvance Ship Notice (ASN) – communicates the contents of a shipment, sent in advance of that shipment’s arrival, which also provides information on the order, the products, the shipment arrival date and time, etc.
  • ANSI X12 862 / EDIFACT DELJITShipping Schedule – provides detailed shipping requirements and may be triggered by product usage, allowing suppliers to replenish items immediately (similar to VMI), in support of Just In Time manufacturing processes.
  • ANSI X12 940 / EDIFACT INSDESWarehouse Shipping Order – used to instruct remote Third Party Logistics Providers (3PL) or warehouses to ship orders to customers.
  • ANSI X12 943 / EDIFACT DESADVWarehouse Stock Transfer Shipment Advice – an advance ship notice to a remote warehouse that a transfer shipment has been made from the manufacturer.
  • ANSI X12 944 / EDIFACT RECADVWarehouse Receipt Advice – acknowledgment of receipt of a shipment (such as may be referenced in an EDI 943 transaction) at the warehouse.
  • ANSI X12 945 / EDIFACT DESADV – Warehouse Ship Advice – used by 3PL or warehouse to let manufacturer know goods have been shipped to customer.
  • ANSI X12 997 / EDIFACT CONTRL – Functional Acknowledgement – customer acknowledges receipt of EDI transaction set from manufacturer.

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