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Outsourced EDI Testing & Validation is where a Trading Partner / Retailer outsources their EDI testing and compliance requirements to B2BGateway.

B2BGateway helps the Trading Partner/Retailer to onboard new suppliers by providing a custom built testing and validation portal for your suppliers, complete with your company logo and color scheme. Suppliers will be able to quickly and easily complete testing and validation for each EDI document against the document specifications you have supplied in a timely and efficient manner and you will be able to free up staff resources and reduce costs.


Making the Testing and Validation (T&V) process as easy as possible for your Suppliers is a top priority at B2BGateway. Once your Supplier is logged into B2BGateway’s Testing and Validation (T&V) system, they will see your logo-branded testing portal, completely tailored to your pre-defined color scheme. EDI compliancy tests are clearly displayed for your Suppliers and testing their documents couldn’t be easier or faster.

Standard features of the testing and validation portal for the Supplier:

  • Customized testing portal with logo branding and color scheme
  • Reduced resources and costs with 24/7 access to monitor each Supplier’s testing progress
  • Real-time EDI test results for both TP and Supplier
  • Clear and concise test error explanations for each document test

When your Suppliers log into the branded Testing and Validation (T&V) portal, they will feel confident knowing they are in the right place. Your testing program will be branded with your company’s logo and will follow a color scheme pre-defined by you when the portal is setup. Each task is clearly defined and a PASSED / FAILED status is front and center.


When your supplier is ‘in a task’, they will see a clear description of the task including expected results. In addition, they can review any attempts previously made, errors associated with those attempts and clearly see if this task has passed or failed.


When a task has been submitted for testing, results are displayed in seconds, unlike our competition. Results of the test are clearly displayed in the preview window with errors marked by line number in red. A status of pass / fail is shown to the right and specific errors are explained by line number. We think testing should be easy for your suppliers so we’ve made it that way.



As the Trading Parter, you have full access to each of your Supplier’s testing programs. We know that managing your suppliers’ onboarding process can be a difficult, time-consuming task, so we have made it easier for you to be able to quickly see how each one of your suppliers is progressing through Testing and Validation (T&V). If you would like more details, we’ve got you covered. Clicking on any Supplier’s name will bring you to their testing program where you can view company information and specific task related details.


Knowing the status of your supplier’s onboarding is great but knowing exactly where they stand, complete with test details and pass / fail rates is even better. We’ve designed this portal to save you time and money so instead of spending half the day tracking down each supplier’s status, with as few as three clicks, you’ll know which tasks suppliers are having problems with. We even go as far as to provide the specific details about the lines that are incorrect and how they can be fixed.


Your Testing and Validation (T&V) portal will be customized with the colors and logo of your company and formatted to screen EDI documents based on your specifications.

Management Users

Trading Partners will be provided with management login credentials and will have the ability to actively monitor each Supplier’s status in real-time.

TP Suppliers

Users of the Testing and Validation (T&V) portal, your suppliers, will be able to test their EDI documents against your specifications in real-time. Results of these tests are instantly available to the Trading Partner and Suppliers and include detailed explanations about why each test has passed or failed.