Rapid Response Team — EDI Support

The Rapid Response Team, RRT as it’s commonly called, was introduced to enhance our existing EDI support ticket system and to improve resolution times. Since implementation, responses to tickets are down to an average of 2-hours and 46-minutes. Before RRT, it would have taken much longer to get a response! As the system improves, we hope to see this under an hour.

The Rapid Response Team has been a proven solution to improve support ticket response time and allow greater transparency clients to track the progress of their support tickets.  Since it’s creation the Rapid Response Time has helped clients successfully resolve any problems they might have quickly and efficiently.  Additionally, always feel free to reach out to your support engineer and they will be there to help resolve your issue as they always have.

If you’d prefer to print out the guide or save it for later a PDF is available for download:

Download the RRT Client Guide PDF

How to Enter a Support Ticket:

If you aren’t familiar with the RRT support ticket system please view the demonstration video.  In the video you will learn how to submit a support ticket to RRT through your client portal to get your problem resolved quickly.

For a step-by-step guide to submitting a support ticket to RRT please view the RRT Client Guide below.

Rapid Response Team — Client Guide

Step one in initiating a production request is to log into your Client Portal.

Once in the Client Portal, the icon for the Rapid Response Team will be present on your dashboard. Clicking this icon will bring you to the new support page where you can open and closed tickets.

It is important that clients keep an eye out for support requests that require feedback. You will be notified by email when a task’s status changes or when feedback is required. You will also be notified about tasks that require feedback in the RRT’s support dashboard.

To create a new RRT support request, click “create new ticket”. A new window will pop up asking for support ticket details. Please type a detailed description of your support request, including any document types affected and the specific document numbers if available.

  • Choose the trading partner from the drop down that this request is linked to.
  • Choose your preferred contact email or type in a new email address. If this field is left blank, all the contacts on your account will be emailed.
  • Finally, upload any related files and click “submit.”

Once submitted, you will be able to see the details of the support request and enter any additional notes that you may have forgotten.

Back on the RRT’s support dashboard, you will see that the new support request is “Queued”. Again, you will be notified by email when any updates are available or when feedback is needed.