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Rapid Response Team

Introducing the Rapid Response Team

The RRT as it’s commonly called was introduced to enhance our existing EDI support system and to reduce resolution times. Since implementation, responses to tickets are down to an average of 2-hours and 46-minutes. Before RRT, it would have taken much longer to get a response! As the system improves, we hope to see this under an hour.

Below you’ll find a demonstration video if you aren’t familiar with the RRT system. In this demonstration we will explain how to use the new Rapid Response system from within your client portal.

The RRT system is built right into your client portal and has been designed to reduce task response time and allow greater transparency for our clients in the task resolution process, however, feel free to reach out to your support engineer and they will be there to help resolve your issue as they always have.

Thank you for your time and we appreciate your business.

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