EDI for NetSuite

Since we’re a small (but growing) e-commerce company, we rely on third parties to provide EDI services. We initially went with another NetSuite-savvy EDI provider and the experience has been very frustrating: slow, unresponsive, and slow (yes that slow). In desperation we contacted B2BGateway and I wish we had done so a long time ago. EDI is a laborious process by its nature but B2BGateway has made it much easier for us to see what’s happening during the setup process. They are also much faster than our other provider. I expect that within the year we will consolidate all of our EDI operations with B2BGateway and we plan on keeping them busy next year as well
Acumen Brands
Jim Kane, CTOAcumen Brands
B2BGateway’s Warehouse Support Site solutions allow Bluebella to work more efficiently with key retailers and fully comply with their ordering and delivery requirements. The best part is that B2BGateway makes it simple and easy
Mathilde C.Bluebella
Our Project Manager and B2BGateway’s Production Support Team is always so helpful with successfully getting new accounts tested and set up into EDI production as well as troubleshooting along the way. We also know most reps by name and vice versa which is also comforting when communicating daily.
Dylan’s Candy Bar
Rashida VasquezDylan’s Candy Bar
When you find the right partners, they help you to create efficiencies that allow your business to scale
Eco-Bags Products
Sharon Rowe, CEO & FounderEco-Bags Products
B2BGateway has been great to work with. The team is efficient and the transaction platform is second to none. With all the changes going on in today’s business world, I have 100% confidence in B2BGateway to handle that portion of my business.
Sean Crowley, PresidenteRequisite
The quality of customer service with B2BGateway is second to none. Having a dedicated project manager that will follow through with issues is what creates the most value for us
Halo, Purely For Pets
Andrea YorkHalo, Purely For Pets
Downloading orders and uploading the purchase order acknowledgments and invoices to the Coles Portal and importing/exporting the same documents in NetSuite was killing us. Since going live with B2BGateway, we’re saving about 2 days a week in manual labour
Kitchen Food Company
Mark Winwright, IT Project ManagerKitchen Food Company
B2BGateways’s cloud based, fully integrated EDI solution for NetSuite has greatly improved our overall supply chain efficiencies and customer communications with Amazon
James Ramsey, Director ICTMaclaren
Personally, I love working with B2BGateway. We’ve been with them since 2014 and not only is the staff great but they also help me in the development and training in the EDI world. The more the customer understands, the better the relationship is
Manderley Turf Products
Daniel LanouetteManderley Turf Products
Our consultants advised us to choose B2BGateway over the competition because it is a much more nimble solution and they are much more responsive than the competition. That has proven to be true throughout the relationship, not just at the beginning.
Margo Caribe
Jared WilliamsMargo Caribe
What really stood out to me the most about B2BGateway was all of the different retailers that B2BGateway could work with. Marybeth and Nathan did a great job and were essential in the transition process.
Marolina Outdoor, Inc
Caroline MojicaMarolina Outdoor, Inc
This has been huge for us. Taking the manual cash application process out not only saved us a lot of time and energy, it also eliminates any manual errors. Steve and his team were able to write scripts to work around NetSuite’s limitations and they have done really well so far. Overall, we are HUGE fans of the cash application program.
Paul SunnyMerchSource
Setting up a new Trading Partner is never an issue with B2BGateway.
Omar Supplies, Inc.
Jaime ContrerasOmar Supplies, Inc.
B2BGateway’s service was outstanding, they supported us through each step of the implementation phase and then beyond our go-live date.
Picasso Foods
Jim Laftsidis, General ManagerPicasso Foods
It used to take four to six hours for customer service to process EDI orders every week. Setting up EDI with NetSuite thru B2BGateway made that a 20-30 minute process. We are still working on the fulfillment side, where we expect the time savings will be even greater.
Planet Dog
Sean Callahan, Director of OperationsPlanet Dog
As an organization that trades with a myriad of large, multiple stores and online retailers, being EDI compliant is essential to our business. B2BGateway was the best-in-class provider for Red Star Traders’ needs as they were able to provide us with seamless EDI integration with our new NetSuite solution.
Red Star Traders
Bill Apgood, Vice PresidentRed Star Traders
The flexibility of NetSuite really compliments the flexibility of B2BGateway.
Yakima Australia
Jason StuartYakima Australia