EDI for Aptean Axis

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If you are contacting us with a question or issue about your current EDI solution please login to your Client Portal and create a support ticket or please contact your project manager.

B2BGateway has always been able to solve our issues and resolve our problems on a timely basis no matter how hard or out of the ordinary they might seem. And I know that they support a wide range of ERP Systems from the simplest ones to the most complicated ones.

I would recommend B2BGateway!

Evolution Fresh
Mari Sánchez, Systems Analyst SeniorEvolution Fresh
B2BGateway EDI has helped us streamline our order-to-payment cycle with our largest distributors. Over half of our business goes to bulk distributors such as SYSCO and US Foods. By automating the process, we’re able to focus on providing our customers with the best possible support, opposed to spending hours manually entering orders.
Kettle Cuisine
Neal Anderson, IT ManagerKettle Cuisine

As a major manufacturer of produce dressings, dips, sauces, and beverages Litehouse, Inc. needs a dependable, no-hassle EDI solution. At Litehouse, nearly half of our customers desire or require EDI capability. For nearly 10 years Litehouse, Inc. has looked to B2B Gateway as our EDI solution. We have found the team at B2B to be knowledgeable, professional and even fun to work with!

Over the years, B2B has helped us to resolve a vast array of EDI challenges. I have yet to contact my representative at B2B with a new challenge that they’ve been unable to resolve for us. B2B allows us to stay out of the “technical jungle” of EDI and stay focused on providing top quality products and service to our customers. Additionally, we get to reap the benefits of EDI without the headaches!

Litehouse Inc.
Megan Owens, Sr. Systems AnalystLitehouse Inc.
B2BGateway’s EDI solutions for Aptean Ross and their integration with our 3PL has helped our company tremendously.
Paradise Tomato
Mark AndersonParadise Tomato
Our in-house IT department has had a B2BGateway EDI integration with Paradise Tomato and our proprietary WMS (aka SWIMS) for over a year now. Testing for the project went in pairs, 943/944 followed by 940/945. The implementation process was conducted with weekly calls during testing and development. Open communication between both teams led to a straight forward and successful implementation.
Smart Warehousing
Erin Essman, 3PLSmart Warehousing
Price is one of the best things. Not only is it very reasonable, it is also UNCOMPLICATED!
Rochester Meat
Allyson MaurerRochester Meat