Oct 15

EDI Basics by B2BGateway Guest Blogger, Chad Hoyle

edi-advantagesIf you’ve never dealt with EDI solutions before and have only heard of it in terms of “We require EDI” or “You need EDI”, it’s easy to take a first look and think it’s overwhelming and too complicated to be worthwhile. However, as more and more companies convert to electronic inventory management and supply chain automation, it’s becoming necessary for all businesses, both sellers and buyers, to comply with EDI standards in order to communicate and transact business.

For small business owners looking to sell their goods into big box stores and online retailers, a broad level clarification of the procedures and features is critical to realizing the advantages EDI solutions can apply to every facet of their business. For companies looking to sell brand name products in their stores and on their websites, they’ll need to make sure that they’re capable of communicating with the seller’s back end office systems.  Over the course of several weeks, we will highlight the features of EDI solutions in the simplest terms possible so that everyone can understand the beauty behind the madness.

EDI solutions, at the core, provide an electronic way for product developers and retailers to communicate information quickly and efficiently. The kind of information depends on how you need it to work for your business. In some cases, a seller or vendor can have inventory levels in their store monitored to trigger an automatic replenishment order if stock gets too low. In others, an order can reach a customer and their goods are on the way within minutes of the order submission. For all, EDI solutions streamline the communication processes by allowing the systems on both sides to talk to each other in a way that minimizes human interference, and in turn, minimizes the opportunities for miscommunication or manual errors.

Much like email was to the fax machine, EDI solutions are the new evolution of inter-business communication that make paper invoicing and manual order entry seem like inefficient relics from the past.

Chad will be guest blogging on the B2BGateway website over the coming weeks. If you would like to know more about B2BGateway’s cloud based, fully integrated EDI solutions please email Sales@B2BGateway.Net

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