Connectivity for eCommerce Platforms
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May 06

Connectivity for eCommerce Platforms

Thank you for your attendance on our webinar!

Connect your Trading Partners to your eCommerce store and automate your order process.

Thank you for joining us on our webinar as we discussed the popularity and the growth of eCommerce connectivity in the European regions.  B2BGateway can setup your API or EDI connection to any relationship and then fully maintain that connection over time.  

With offices in both Ireland and the United Kingdom, B2BGateway can fully support your eCommerce initiatives in Europe and internationally.

Using EDI and API connections can not only automate entire business document transactions and quicken your order to cash cycle, but it reduces the potential for error by eliminating manual intervention.  API connectivity allows for scalability as well as reliability in your business, especially during a time where physical stores are closed and customers are heavily reliant on online marketplaces.  B2BGateway can set up, maintain and fully manage your API connection.

B2BGateway can get you setup fast to automate your business communications and help get your orders to customers quicker.

  • Import orders from your eCommerce store directly into your ERP or other solution
  • Leverage inventory feeds to keep your trading partners and warehouses updated
  • Increase tracking data visibility
  • Automatically send orders to your 3PL, warehouse or dropship vendor for fulfillment
  • International support.  We can support your business anywhere!

Contact us to get more information on an eCommerce integration or if you have any other questions about our connectivity solutions.   

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