Mar 18

Did it snow on YOUR supply chain

altico-snowAltico Advisors’ offices are in central Massachusetts, one of the regions hardest hit by this winter’s record snow fall. But if you’re a distributor, it doesn’t really matter where you’re located, because your supply chain has probably been impacted, whether it’s because employees couldn’t get to work, or the trucks carrying your goods were stuck or delayed sometimes for days. Or airlines cancelled flights. Or the trains weren’t running. Or the ports were clogged with ice. You get the idea. I put together a list of a few articles that you may or may not have seen already, kind of a short bibliography on how severe weather impacts the supply chain. I haven’t spoken personally with Altico’s numerous clients in the distribution sector, but I have no doubt that they’ve felt the crunch of the snow.

You can bet that whatever that truck was carrying did not arrive on time!

Epic Snows Have Meant Economic Woes Across all Industries, Manufacturing.NET

Greetings from Snow-Covered Boston, CSCMP’s Supply Chain [QUARTERLY]

Weather-Related Supply Chain Disruptions,

Effects of Weather on the Supply Chain, SCRC (Supply Chain Resource Cooperative), North Carolina State University

China snow storms affecting the global supply chain,

This last entry was from 2008, but I still think it’s applicable, given that in 2014 the United States imported $439 billion dollars worth of goods from China.

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