Sep 09

Department Profile: Data Mappers

B2BGateway is an EDI and API connectivity solution provider, providing EDI solutions since 1999.  EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange and in short, it helps businesses communicate electronically given different requirements, standards, formats and protocols between them.  The Data Mapping team at B2BGateway is responsible for a large chunk of that electronic data translation between the different business systems and making sure that communication is successful.

To get an inside look, we interviewed Mike Creed, a valuable member and manager of the Data Mapping Department, and asked him some questions about his job at B2BGateway.

Mike and his team break down the data coming in from our clients business systems such as NetSuite, Acumatica, QuickBooks, Sage, etc., and piece it back together to meet their Trading Partner requirements to ensure smooth connections throughout the relationship.

Mike-Creed-Data-MapperHow long have you worked in the Data Mapping Department at B2BGateway?

Mike:  “It will be two years in the Data Mapping Department this coming February.  However, for two years prior to that I’ve worked as both a Project Manager and a Production Support Analyst at B2BGateway.  Both of those roles gave me great EDI exposure and I really enjoyed the problem solving aspect of them.  This eventually led me to trying new things and tinkering with the tools the company was providing me in order to find solutions for our clients.  Alas, the Data Mapping Department was born”.  

What do you like about working in the Data Mapping Department? 

Mike:  “I enjoy the problem solving aspect of my job.  I like trying to figure out why something is not working or trying to make something work more efficiently.  Making my clients happy by providing a good solution is a good feeling”.  

What is one project that you’ve worked on that stands out to you as being your favorite? 

Mike:  “I’m no longer an on-going Project Manager but I still manage the relationships with our client, The Tile App.  Since I am both the Data Mapper and the Project Manager nothing gets lost in translation.  I speak directly with the client, they tell me what they want and I make it happen”.  

Lastly, just summarize the department and how it benefits B2BGateway clients?  Mike-Creed-Manager

Mike:  The Data Mappers at B2BGateway enable our clients to easily translate the data from their format to the format of their Trading Partners.  We ensure that their orders, their invoices and other business documents are flowing properly, accommodating for growth when necessary.  The Data Mappers help make those connections as seamless as possible and with the tools in place to help us do our job, pretty much anything is possible.  It’s pretty cool to have that kind of customization”.   

As many of our blogs have said in the past, B2BGateway’s EDI & API connectivity solutions are 100% built and maintained by our own staff members, just like Mike.  They are working above and beyond to ensure that your business is running effectively, offering insight and experience to develop solutions that are the right fit.

Thanks Mike, for giving us insight on how the Data Mapping team at B2BGateway is a great department that benefits the company and our clients in many different ways.