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Corporate Profile

Since the late 1990’s B2BGateway has been providing organizations with inexpensive and simple EDI solutions. B2BGateway customers have been very pleased with the simplicity, quick setup and cost savings of using B2BGateway. The ease of use, full integration (no data entry) and outstanding technical support make B2BGateway the right solution for your EDI needs!

B2BGateway supports all US and international EDI formats (ANSI X-12, EDIFact, XML, etc.). We also support virtually all accepted EDI transport protocols, VAN Based, AS2, SMTP (E-Mail), FTP, HTTP, Secure Socket, etc.

Years ago B2BGateway unveiled the Warehouse Support System (WSS). WSS combines the best of Web based EDI and Fully integrated EDI to give your organization importable Purchase Orders and Printable Pick Tickets in your warehouse. Using the Web interface, warehouse employees can print their own Pick Tickets, confirm shipments, generate Advance Shipping Notifications and print UCC-128 Barcode Labels. The WSS works in conjunction with the fully integrated EDI so orders are still imported into your system, (not typed), and Invoices are extracted.

B2BGateway is pleased to release the Client Portal. The Client Portal gives customers the ability to better control and see the status of their EDI processes. B2BGateway is still fully managed and integrated, but the Client Portal offers more control to the end users who are looking for it.

B2BGateway and Shannon Systems employees are of the highest professional caliber. We value our understanding of business as much as we value our technical knowledge.

Due to the increasing demand for B2BGateway services around the world, we have recently expanded our European operations to better support our European, Middle Eastern and African clients. The B2BGateway European office is located in Shannon, Ireland with sales support offices in Australia and Denmark. Watch for new B2BGateway offices opening in different locations around the world.

Rhode Island – Global Headquarters
Shannon, Ireland
Sydney, Australia
Jinan, China