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CommerceHub provides cloud-based technologies and services that enable retailers to radically expand their product offering without inventory risk.

Most “Box Store Retailers” who also have online (.com) stores will use the CommerceHub platform to transmit EDI documents.

This process is quite manual and tedious as it requires the user to log in to the Commerce Hub portal. B2BGateway has the ability to fully integrate with Commerce Hub and thus removes the need for the user to use the manual portal.


Through EDI and full integration with your Accounting /ERP solution, B2BGateway can help you maximize your ecommerce activities in the following ways:

  1. B2BGateway can pull orders through CommerceHub from your online retailing customer and place them directly into your Accounting / ERP solution as Sales Orders. There is no need to re-key data.
  2. B2BGateway can send Inventory Updates to CommerceHub on behalf of your online retailing customer
  3. B2BGateway can automatically send new orders to your 3PL, Warehouse or Drop Ship Vendor
  4. B2BGateway can send invoices to CommerceHub on behalf of your online ratailing customer
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