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“There was a time where we were reluctant to set up accounts on EDI simply because we did not have the resources in-house. Partnering with B2BGateway has given us the edge to solicit accounts and use EDI processing in a value-added way. Zack, David, and Sheila are some of the folks that have been instrumental when it comes to assisting with questions and set up. I look forward to building on these experiences.”  

 Glenn Caswell | Trade Spending Manager     




Ayre, MA, USA


Distributor of health food and soy based food and drink products throughout North America.

Business Challenge

To improve their supply chain efficiencies by implementing a cutting edge EDI solution that would meet the needs of multiple retail trading partners.


B2BGateway.Net fully integrated EDI solution and Warehouse Support Site (WSS).


Improved overall supply chain efficiencies and freed up staff resources.

soy products


Vitasoy was born in China in 1940. The company produced a nutritious, high-protein soy drink that was sold at an affordable price to the people of Hong Kong who were suffering after the World Wars. In 1979, Dr. Lo’s daughter, Yvonne Lo, introduced Vitasoy’s soy milks to the U.S. market, selling store-to-store in San Francisco’s Chinatown. Vitasoy USA quickly became the market leader in Chinese groceries. In 1985, Vitasoy USA formulates an all-natural soymilk made from organic soybeans for the mainstream US and Canadian consumer. To meet the diverse needs of consumers in different markets, Vitasoy USA acquired Nasoya Foods of Leominster, MA in 1990, offering fresh Asian style noodles and wraps as well as organic and all natural tofu and soy spreads.


As Vitasoy’s business grew throughout North America, the company needed a cutting edge, fully-integrated EDI solution that was fully compliant with all major retailers specifications that would allow them receive orders directly into their ERP system from retail giants such as Albertsons, Costco, Kroger, Super-Valu, Target, Wal-Mart and many, many more. They also needed an EDI solution provider that could handle the extensive list of communication protocols such as VAN, AS2, FTP, FPs, HTTP, etc. that would be required by their trading partners.


After searching the market extensively, Vitasoy chose B2BGateway’s EDI solutions for its ease of use, ability to meet the many data formats and communication protocols required by multiple retailers and for B2BGateway’s unsurpassed 24/7 client support. B2BGateway’s automated EDI solutions removed the need for Vitasoy staff to re-key data when processing orders, invoices, shipping notices and any other EDI documents that may be required by their extensive list of thirty five retail customers nationwide. The B2BGateway Warehouse Support Site (WSS) also allowed Vitasoy to produce their own GS1-128 labels and Advance Ship Notices (ASNs) in-house.


Having a cutting EDI solution from B2BGateway allowed Vitasoy to comply with all data and communication standards and protocols required by their 35 retail trading partners. Full EDI integration also benefits Vitasoy by giving greater accuracy of data, shorter order to payment cycles and the freeing up of staff resources from mundane tasks such as manual order entry to concentrate on more profitable parts of the business.

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