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Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland


Mushroom & Food Supplies

Business Challenge

In order to sell its products to Tesco, Unimush Ireland needed a quality, dedicated EDI provider.


Cloud based, fully integrated EDI solution for Sage by B2BGateway in EANCOM/EDIFACT format.


B2BGateway.Net established a successful, quality EDI connection from Unimush Ireland to Tesco using agreed EANCOM/EDIFACT standards.



Unimush Ireland is a well-established Mushroom Producer and Supplier, based in Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland.

Unimush Ireland was a company eager to expand its operations by getting its products sold on a large scale throughout the UK and Ireland. Almost all fresh food suppliers welcome the opportunity of selling goods to Tesco. However, Unimush Ireland needed a better solution for communicating back and forth with Sage.


Unimush Ireland needed an EDI solution that conformed to EANCOM/EDIFACT standards and allowed them to import the volume of orders that Tesco would be sending.

The retailer, Tesco requires that all vendors must use EDI for business transactions. Essentially, if you don’t have EDI, you don’t sell goods to Tesco.


B2BGateway.Net was able to provide Unimush Ireland with Purchase Orders (850), Invoices (810) and Advanced Shipping Notices (856) in the agreed EANCOM/EDIFACT format as outlined by GS1, the leading global organization dedicated to the design and implementation of global standards and solutions to improve efficiency and visibility in supply and demand chains globally and across sectors.


Business has increased, orders are processed more efficiently and error free with EANCOM/EDIFACT EDI.

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