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“TrueCommerce B2BGateways’s cloud based, fully integrated EDI solution for MYOB Advanced provides the communications, data translation and mapping functionality required by Tuatara Brewing Company to have effective, electronic and seamless communications with our 3PL. By fully integrating the TrueCommerce B2BGateway EDI solution with our MYOB Advanced ERP system, saves the Toll staff numerous hours each month from manual data entry and greatly helps to improve our overall supply chain efficiencies.”tuatara

Jason Brown | Operations Manager


Wellington, New Zealand


Brewing company based in New Zealand. Kegs, bottled and craft beer distributors.

Business Challenge

To improve their supply chain efficiencies by implementing an EDI solution that fully integrates with MYOB Advanced and provides seamless communication with their 3PL Toll Logistics.


Cloud based, fully integrated EDI solution for MYOB Advanced by TrueCommerce B2BGateway.


Improved overall supply chain efficiencies offering seamless communication between Tuatara and their 3PL.



Tuatara started brewing over a decade ago, and is now a well-established brewing company based in Wellington, New Zealand – famous for such beers as multiple award winning Tuatara Pilsner and Hefe, big hoppy American and Aotearoa Pale Ales. Their beer can be found primarily in New Zealand, gaining momentum in Australia, and is becoming more and more prevalent as far as the US. Today Tuatara continues to expand on a global scale and its craft beers are winning many accolades and a loyal following across the world.


Tuatara had experienced significant growth over the past months, especially in overseas markets with exports growing about 320 percent in 2015. Much of that coming out from Australia, Britain, Ireland and China. After switching ERP systems to MYOB Advanced, Tuatara needed an EDI solution that would allow them to connect seamlessly with their third party logistics provider (3PL) Toll.


On the recommendation of leading ANZ MYOB VAR – WalkerScott, TrueCommerce B2BGateway was able to provide Tuatara Brewing Company an EDI solution that automated the sending and receiving of warehouse ship orders and warehouse ship receipts with Toll Logistics. By integrating TrueCommerce B2BGateway’s cloud based EDI solution with Tuatara’s MYOB Advanced ERP system removes the need for staff to manually re-key data; this in turn leads to reduced errors, lower labor costs and faster communications with their 3PL.


Having an EDI solution that is fully integrated with MYOB Advanced ERP suite greatly improved Tuatara’s supply chain efficiencies, reduced errors and drastically cut down on costs. Full cloud-based integration allows Tuatara to communicate seamlessly with their 3PL and stay proactive giving them core-competency that drives growth. For many companies, developing a B2B integration is a difficult initiative that can be a large drain on any organizations internal resources.  With TrueCommerce B2BGateway, however, integration of the EDI data means that manual processes can be automated, turn-rates increased, order to payment cycles shortened and resources used more effectively and efficiently.

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