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 “Soundcast LLC needed to step up to newer technology to be more competitive, we looked at several EDI solutions, and after careful decisions we decided to go with B2BGateway that runs flawlessly with Acumatica. The implementation was quick and painless, we haven’t had any problems, B2BGateway and Acumatica are our founding stepping stones for success.” 

Norman Bentley  | MIS   soundcast


San Diego, CA, USA


Designer, Manufacturer and Supplier of high quality wireless audio systems.

Business Challenge

Fully integrated EDI solution for Acumatica ERP.


B2BGateway developed a unique solution that allowed Soundcast to import Purchase Orders and return Invoices from Acumatica to their customer Magnolia Audio Visual.


B2BGateway’s fully integrated EDI solutions for Acumatica removed the need for manual processing of orders and invoices saving Soundcast time, money and labor resources.



Located in San Diego, California, Soundcast is a market innovator and leader in high-performance wireless audio systems sold globally through multiple markets. With a full line of portable premium music systems, Soundcast delivers the home theatre music experience for outdoors or on the go. Backed by over ten years of expert engineering and wireless technology research and development, Soundcast’s innovations have paved the way for the portable audio industry. Featuring a reliable weather-resistant enclosure and long battery life, our products are made for indoor and outdoor all-day play.


Having had many successful years in business and winning many critics awards and accolades, Soundcast decided that they needed to upgrade their ERP system and take advantage of cloud technology to improve their overall supply chain efficiencies. Following an extensive market search, Soundcast chose Collins Computing to supply them with Acumatica, a cloud based ERP system that would give them the flexibility, scalability and anywhere, anytime access that their staff members required. Next Soundcast needed a quality, reliable, cloud based EDI solution that would integrate with their Acumatica ERP solution and enable them to trade with their customer Magnolia Audio Visual, a division of Best Buy. Collins Computing recommended that Soundcast should use Acumatica’s certified EDI partner – B2BGateway.


As Acumatica’s customer verified and accredited EDI solution partner, B2BGateway was delighted to be introduced to Soundcast by Collins Computing. B2BGateway’s cloud based, fully integrated EDI solution is fully built into the Acumatica users dashboard, giving ease of access to the B2BGateway Client Portal where the Soundcast staff can control all their EDI functionality, view reports, add new trading relationships and request support as required. By using B2BGateway’s fully integrated EDI solutions for Acumatica, Soundcast was able to exchange electronically all Purchase Orders (850) and Invoices (810) in the ANSI X12 v.4030 file formats that Magnolia Audio Visual required. B2BGateway will also be able to meet all future trading partners’ requirements.


B2BGateway’s EDI solution removes the need for the Soundcast staff to manually re-key data; this in turn leads to reduced errors, lower labor costs and faster payments from their customers.

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