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As an organization that trades with a myriad of large, multiple stores and online retailers, being EDI compliant is essential to our business.  B2BGateway was the best-in-class provider for Red Star Traders’ needs as they were able to provide us with seamless EDI integration with our new NetSuite solution.

                        Bill Apgood  |  Vice President    red star traders


Salt Lake City, UT, USA


Direct import product marketing company specializing in outdoor furnishings.

Business Challenge

As Red Star Traders business grew, they needed a strong ERP and EDI solution to match to replace their aging QuickBooks system.


When they chose NetSuite as their new ERP, B2BGateway was there with a fully integrated EDI solution to match.


Seamless switch to B2BGateway NetSuite EDI which has improved overall supply chain efficiencies offering seamless communication between Red Star, their trading partners and third party logistics providers (3PL’s).



Headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT, Red Star Traders is a direct import, product marketing company specializing in outdoor furnishings. Red Star Traders provide their retail trading partners with product development, overseas manufacturing and domestic distribution services.


As Red Star Traders business rapidly grew and with the addition of new trading partner relationships with Walmart, Home Depot, JC Penny, Amazon, Bed Bath Beyond and 3PL’s to name but a few, Red Star rapidly realized that QuickBooks would no longer meet their needs. They chose NetSuite to replace QuickBooks but now they needed an EDI provider who could rapidly scale to their needs and provide full integration.


Having previously worked with B2BGateway on QuickBooks EDI, Red Star Traders chose to remain with B2BGateway to help them implement a fully integrated NetSuite EDI solution. B2BGateway has been providing fully integrated EDI solutions to NetSuite users worldwide since 2001 and is a ‘Built for NetSuite’ verified development partner. B2BGateway’sautomated EDI solutions removed the need for Red Star staff to re-key data when processing orders, invoices, shipping notices and any other EDI documents that may be required by their trading partners. The B2BGateway Warehouse Support Site (WSS) also allowed Red Star to produce their own GS1-128 labels and Advance Ship Notices in-house.


Upgrading to an ERP system can be a daunting challenge for any organization, but also having to upgrade their EDI connections was an added worry for Red Star Traders. Luckily they were in good hands with B2BGateway, a NetSuite Partner since 2001. Now Red Star have an EDI solution that is fully integrated with NetSuite and has greatly improved their supply chain efficiencies, reduced errors and drastically cut down on costs. Full automation also benefits Red Star by having greater accuracy of data, shorter order to payment cycles and the freeing up of staff resources from mundane tasks such as manual order entry to concentrate on more profitable parts of the business.

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Since 2001, B2BGateway has been providing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) & API Connectivity Solutions for NetSuite users. B2BGateway’s cloud-based EDI & API Connectivity solutions allow the NetSuite user to communicate seamlessly with their customers and 3PL’s. We offer both web based and fully integrated EDI & API Connectivity solutions to cater for all market needs and wants (e.g. X12, EDIFACT, Tradacoms, Eancom, Odette, oioUBL, XML, VAN, AS2, FTP, etc.). Our Cloud/SaaS based fully integrated EDI & API Connectivity solutions will integrate seamlessly with all NetSuite ERP Solutions.

In addition to our global headquarters in Rhode Island, B2BGateway has offices in Ireland and Australia enabling us to offer unparalleled support across all time zones.

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