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   B2BGateways’s cloud based, fully integrated EDI solution for Acumatica provides the communications, data translation and mapping functionality required by NZXT  to comply with all our trading partners’ EDI requirements. Taking into consideration that Acumatica is a relatively new product and the short time frame required for our EDI implementation, B2BGateway did a great job! Within a month we experienced the many benefits of a seamless, fully integrated EDI solution.

Eugene Chang | Head of Logistics   




Los Angeles, CA, USA


Supplier of computer cases, cooling, power and lighting supplies for PC enthusiasts.

Business Challenge

Fully integrated EDI solution for Acumatica ERP.


B2BGateway developed a unique solution that allowed NZXT to send Purchase Orders and import Invoices directly into Acumatica


B2BGateway implemented a unique EDI solution quickly and at low cost. This effectively removed a very large amount of manual processing saving NZXT time, money and labor resources.



Avant-garde and unconventional – NZXT was created by gamers for gamers because they aspire to make a positive difference for people. NZXT believes that there are companies that ship product, and then there are companies that ship innovation. Founded by Johnny Hou and headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, the company is one of the leading manufacturers of computer cases, components, and accessories for the PC enthusiast market since 2004.


As NZXT’s business flourished throughout North America and around the globe, the company needed a cutting edge, fully-integrated EDI solution that would allow them receive orders directly into their ERP system from customers such as Amazon, BestBuy and Fry’s. After purchasing Acumatica’s cloud based ERP system from Collins Computing, the next step was to find an EDI provider that could not alone give NZXT the EDI functionality that they needed, but also a provider that could provide full, seamless integration with Acumatica.  NZXT also needed the ability to manage growing customer demands, improve supply chain efficiencies, cut costs and have their overall EDI solution implemented within a short time frame. Collins Computing, one of North America’s leading Acumatica VARs, recommended that NZXT should use B2BGateway for all their EDI requirements.


As Acumatica’s EDI solution partner, B2BGateway was delighted to be introduced to NZXT by Collins Computing. B2BGateway has been working with Acumatica for approximately two years now and their EDI solution is fully built into the Acumatica users dashboard, giving ease of access to the B2BGateway Client Portal where NZXT can control all their EDI functionality, view reports, add new trading relationships and request support as required. By using B2BGateway’s fully integrated EDI solutions for Acumatica, NZXT was able to meet all their trading partners’ mandatory requirements and was able to automate the sending and receiving of standard business documents such as purchase orders, invoices and advanced shipment notifications with large scale customers. Today with the help of B2BGateway, NZXT automates the transmission of thousands of documents and tens of thousands of SKUs (product lines) each and every month.


B2BGateway’s EDI solution removes the need for the NZXT staff to manually re-key data; this in turn leads to reduced errors, lower labor costs and faster payments from their customers.

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Founded in Boston, Massachusetts in 1999, B2BGateway is a world leader in the provision of a cloud-based, fully-integrated EDI solution for Acumatica users. B2BGateway’s Acumatica solution is 100% built and maintained by B2BGateway developers. B2BGateway’s solution is integrated directly into the Acumatica users dashboard, allowing for hassle free, reliable and seamless exchange of any business documents such as purchase orders, invoices, inventory updates, advanced shipping notices via any communication method (FTP, AS2, HTTP, API) and any file type (X12, EDIFACT, CSV, etc). B2BGateway’s EDI solutions for Acumatica are simple to use, competitively priced, highly effective and can increase profitability by reducing the costs associated with manual data entry errors.

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