Cost is very important for a small business and you watch every single penny you have. When I was looking to identify an EDI tool that would fit my budget, I found that TrueCommerce B2BGateway’s cloud-based system makes it extremely affordable for a small business.”

Matthew H. Johnson Sr., CEO | NEATS USA


NEATS USA is a new business devoted to making dining-out and travel experiences cleaner and safer. The company offers a unique wet wipe called Neats Utensil & Travel Wipes that are alcohol-free, nontoxic with no aftertaste, biodegradable, easy to use and (for air travelers) “TSA friendly.” NEATS are perfect for discretely cleaning eating utensils, glassware, food trays, highchairs, hotel remotes, cell phones, or any surface where germs tend to gather. Free of harsh chemicals, NEATS are also great for cleaning up hands or faces anytime. Especially since the emergence of COVID-19, Neats Utensil & Travel Wipes are increasingly popular for use in restaurants, college dining halls and corporate cafeterias, as well as at events, in taxis and on airplanes. “I believe you should not have to risk your health and the health of your family to enjoy eating out and traveling,” says NEATS founder and CEO, Matthew H. Johnson Sr. “Nor should you have to dunk your utensils in your water glass in front of everyone.”

A veteran business traveler, Mr. Johnson searched in vain for a product that could give him peace of mind about the cleanliness of his restaurant utensils. When the opportunity arose to invest in creating a solution to this everyday problem, he “took that leap of faith” and started NEATS from his home in the Atlanta area in 2018, after several years of planning and preparation.


Deploy a cost effective, reliable EDI system to get ready to work with major retailers and handle growing order volume.


Implement integrated TrueCommerce B2BGateway EDI for QuickBooks Online to automate manual, spreadsheet-based order processing and build a solid foundation for business success.


  • User-friendly solution enables even a one person business to meet the procurement needs of major retailers
  • Cloud-based platform scales cost-effectively at any transaction volume
  • Responsive support eliminates the need for in-house EDI expertise, enabling NEATS to focus on growing sales
  • Easy-to-use integration with QuickBooks Online streamlines accounting processes
  • EDI mobile app makes it convenient to view and manage key business transactions anytime, anywhere
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