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This has been huge for us. Taking the manual cash application process out not only saved us a lot of time and energy, it also eliminates any manual errors. Steve and his team were able to write scripts to work around NetSuite’s limitations and they have done really well so far. Overall, we are HUGE fans of the cash application program.”

           Paul Sunny | MerchSource LLCmerchsource  




California, USA


Markets and distributes consumer products to the Retail sector.

Business Challenge

Needed to automate the matching of remittance advice notes to invoices in NetSuite.


B2BGateway.Net developed a cash / remittance advice application to automate the entire process for MerchSource.


The solution saved MerchSource a huge amount of time, company resources and eliminated costly errors associated with the re-keying of EDI data.



Based in Foothill Ranch, California, MerchSource LLC markets and distributes consumer products to the retail sector and consumers. The company offers multiple product categories such as electronic goods, toys, pet products, household accessories, and gift items. Its clientele include CVS, JCPenney, Macy’s, Kohls, Rite Aid, Mervyns, Target,, etc.


When MerchSource sends an invoice to a customer, the customer will send back a payment that must be entered into NetSuite and applied against the open invoice. MerchSource receives checks valued at multiple millions of dollars per month that must be applied against thousands of specific invoices. This is very time consuming when handled manually due to restrictions within the NetSuite user interface. MerchSource had to hire temporary staff and borrow staff from other departments to help accounting enter and apply these checks. It is a nightmare for the organization and takes up valuable days every month.


MerchSource contacted B2BGateway, their NetSuite EDI partner, looking for solution to their ongoing payment remittance advice needs. B2BGateway was able to create a web-services integration that took a spreadsheet listing the various open invoices, the amounts to apply, the check number from the customer and various other relevant fields to automate this entire process. B2BGateway can now import the customer payment transactions and automatically apply these payments to the invoices MerchSource specifies. This has saved MerchSource many days’ worth of manual labor and saved them from having to hire temporary staff specifically for this task.


The solution saved MerchSource LLC a huge amount of manual entry and freed up much needed company resources and time. It also eliminated costly errors associated with the re-keying of data. B2BGateway, NetSuite’s EDI Solution Partner since 2001, has provided an easy, fully integrated and automated cash / remittance advice solution for MerchSource.

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