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“Personally, I love working with B2BGateway.  We’ve been with them since 2014 and not only is the staff great but they also help me in the development and training in the EDI world.  The more the customer understands, the better the relationship is”.

Daniel Lanouette | Manderley Turf Products   Manderley-Turf-Products


Manderley Turf Products


Ottawa, Canada


Lawn Care, Landscaping



Since 1960, Manderley has been creating beautiful, sustainable lawns for homeowners, builders and commercial developers. It has prospered by providing excellent products, prompt delivery and superb service. Manderley was instrumental in establishing and organizing the sod industry in Canada and to this day remains at the forefront as a respected leader in pioneering new products, services and processes that improve client experience and reduce  our impact on the environment.


Manderley Turf Products had to manage multiple different programs to meet each of their retailers different needs.  They needed a solution to consolidate those programs into their NetSuite ERP system.


Manderley Turf Products has now grown to have 42 different suppliers with 4 distinct programs that integrate into NetSuite with the help of B2BGateway.  B2BGateway enables Manderley to get real time communication with their suppliers with B2BGateway’s Warehouse Support Site.


Suppliers can log into B2BGateway’s warehouse portal to update their shipping date which sends an 870 purchase order update to Manderley and an 856 Advance Shipping Notice to Retailers.  B2BGateway enables Manderley’s Suppliers and Retailers to be in a constant loop of communication, eliminating manual data entry and the stick handling in the middle.

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