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“B2BGateways’s cloud based, fully integrated EDI solution for NetSuite has greatly improved our overall supply chain efficiencies and customer communications with Amazon”.

James Ramsey | Director ICT   




                Connecticut, USA


                Baby strollers and accessories sales and distribution.

Business Challenge

After purchasing and implementing NetSuite ERP in record time, Maclaren needed an EDI partner that could support the multiple different requirements that the international divisions of Amazon required.


As a ‘Built for NetSuite’ EDI partner B2BGateway was able to provide Maclaren with a cloud based EDI solution that could support the multiple requirements of the many international Amazon divisions that Maclaren traded with.


B2BGateway was able to support all Amazon divisions including AVC and multiple country specific marketplaces such as the USA, UK, China, Germany, Canada, France, Spain and Italy.


When introduced more than fifty years ago, the Maclaren B-01 Baby Buggy changed the way the world travelled with children – effortlessly folding with just one hand to the size of an umbrella and weighing only three kilograms.  A design so revolutionary and timeless it has been recognised as a design icon and is treasured in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMA) and the Design Museum in London, as well as in book references in Phaidon Design Classics, Dyson Icons of Design, and Century Makers as “one of the hundred most clever inventions that have changed our lives over the past century”.


After purchasing NetSuite ERP, Maclaren needed an EDI solution provider who could provide and support them with cloud based EDI solutions that would  enable Maclaren to communicate effectively and efficiently with one of their largest trading partners – Amazon. However, one of the difficulties in dealing with an international retailing giant such as Amazon, is that it has many, many different divisions and country specific sites. Each Amazon division has to be setup separately and each division may have their own set of EDI rules and standards that need to be adhered to by the vendor. Maclaren needed an EDI expert that could support all these requirements on an international scale.


After searching the NetSuite SuiteApp Marketplace, Maclaren chose B2BGateway to be their EDI provider of choice. Being a global EDI solution provider with offices in North America, Europe and Australia, B2BGateway had great experience in dealing with all international divisions of the online retail giant. B2BGateway was able to support ANSI X12 data standards for North America, EDIFACT for Europe, AS2 communication protocols and the recently introduced EDI 753/754 request for routing transaction sets. B2BGateway used it’s knowledge and experience to establish Maclaren with EDI connections for Amazon USA, Amazon Canada, Amazon China, Amazon United Kingdom, Amazon Germany, Amazon Spain, Amazon France and Amazon Italy. B2BGateway was also able to provide Maclaren with a solution for creating the outer case GS1-128 barcode labels that were required by many Amazon divisions.


Having a fully integrated NetSuite EDI solution from B2BGateway has greatly improved Maclaren’s supply chain efficiencies and drastically cut down on costs. When dealing with multiple Amazon divisions, the Maclaren staff no longer have to re-key data. Incoming orders from Amazon are populated directly into their NetSuite as Sales Orders, and returning documents are exported automatically according to pre-defined business rules and logic. Maclaren no longer needs to worry about any Amazon updates as their EDI partner B2BGateway will take care of these as and when they arise.

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