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 “I can’t speak more highly of B2BGateway’s JCurve ERP EDI integration, the project and sales engagement. We were very cautious in our EDI integration evaluation after a failed, year long EDI project engagement with an alternative vendor. B2BGateway took the time to facilitate discussion with an existing customer to validate and confirm their competence in this space. B2BGateway completed the project in just 6 weeks from contract signing, with a dedicated, responsive project manager and excellent project management software.”

lencia fruits

Paul Plunkett  | Director


Victoria, Australia


Fruit Juice Manufacture and Distribution

Business Challenge

After purchasing JCurve ERP, Lencia Fruit Juices Pty Ltd chose an EDI provider to meet their EDI needs for Coles and Woolworths, however, after almost one year in test, the implementation was going nowhere.


After a poor experience with another provider, Lencia Fruit Juices Pty Ltd decided to switch EDI providers to B2BGateway. The EDI accounts for both Coles and Woolworths were fully completed within 6 weeks.


Using B2BGateway EDI for JCurve Lencia staff no longer have to re-key data when exchanging orders, order acknowledgements, invoices and shipping notices with their trading partners.

fruit juice


Lencia Fruit Juices Pty Ltd was Sunraysia’s first orange juice company and was established in 1971. Based in the citrus heartland of the Murray River in Mildura, Victoria, Australia, Lencia Fruit Juices Pty Ltd remains one of the few companies in the region that is 100% locally owned and operated. In November 2015 Lencia Fruit Juices Pty Ltd acquired Ducat’s and Mr. D’s brands. The Lencia Fruit Juices Pty Ltd product range now includes fruit juices, fruit drinks, non-carbonated drinks and frozen ice blocks.


As their business rapidly grew, Lencia Fruit Juices Pty Ltd realized that they needed a new backend ERP system that would not only allow them to scale for the enormous growth that they were experiencing, but would also give them the visibility and 24/7 access that modern cloud technology enables. For this very reason, Lencia Fruit Juices Pty Ltd chose JCurve, the small business edition of NetSuite for Australian businesses. Next, to comply with the requirements of major customers Coles and Woolworths, Lencia Fruit Juices Pty Ltd needed an EDI solution that would fully integrate with their new JCurve ERP system. As their store count grew rapidly from suppling six to fifty stores, their volume of orders greatly increased and they needed a solution that would scale quickly to meet this demand. They chose an EDI provider who promised to do this, however, after almost a year in testing and many, many frustrations later, their EDI solution was nowhere near completion. Following a market search Lencia Fruit Juices Pty Ltd chose B2BGateway to be their new EDI provider.


After speaking with B2BGateway, and still apprehensive from previous experiences on their here to now ill-fated EDI implementation, Lencia decided to give B2BGateway a shot. After signing the EDI contract, B2BGateway immediately assembled a dedicated setup team to Lencia Fruit Juices Pty Ltd., consisting of a dedicated Project Manager, Programmer and Trading Partner Liaison. Working with the Lencia Fruit Juices Pty Ltd team a detailed project plan for a successful implementation was put in place by B2BGateway and work started on both the Coles and Woolworths EDI implementations. Within six weeks of signing the contract B2BGateway had Lencia Fruit Juices Pty Ltd live and successfully exchanging EDI orders, order acknowledgements, invoices and shipping notices with their customers Coles and Woolworths.


Having a fully integrated JCurve ERP EDI solution not only allows Lencia Fruit Juices Pty Ltd to comply with their customers supply requirements but it also has greatly improved supply chain efficiencies and it gave them real time visibility into the sales pipeline of their major customers as they now know with certainty that orders are imported into their ERP system immediately. As everything is now automated the Lencia Fruit Juices Pty Ltd staff no longer need to re-key data when exchanging business documents, leading to greater accuracy and reduced costs overall.

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