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                               James O’ Doherty | JOD Foods  old irish creamery


JOD Foods


Co. Limerick, Ireland


Food Production & Distribution

Business Challenge

JOD Food Products needed an EDI solution that allowed them to import the volume of orders that Musgrave would be sending.


JOD Foods could get an Irish company and a global EDI provider to fulfil their technological needs.


B2BGateway was able to provide JOD Foods with a one- click solution for getting large batches of orders into the Mamut systems.



JOD Foods is a producer of dairy products based in County Limerick, Ireland. JOD was a company eager to expand its operations by getting its products sold on a large scale throughout the country. Musgrave is a very large food retailer in Ireland. Almost all food producers or distributors welcome the opportunity of selling goods to Musgrave. JOD Food Products needed a better solution for getting orders into Mamut and getting invoices out of Mamut. JOD Foods needed a fully integrated EDI solution to reduce the time and the errors involved in the manual processes. JOD realized that they needed an expert to assist with EDI so they turned to the Mamut EDI partner B2BGateway.Net.


JOD Food Products needed an EDI solution that allowed them to import the volume of orders that Musgrave would be sending. JOD had been receiving orders from buyers via post. These paper based order had to be manually entered into JOD’s Mamut accounting system. Invoices then had to be printed and sent, again over the postal system. JOD Foods needed a fully integrated EDI solution to save time and money when processing orders.


B2BGateway.Net was able to provide JOD Foods with a one-click solution for getting large batches of orders into the Mamut system. Retrieving invoices from Mamut and sending them to Musgrave was also a simple and oneclick process. The EDI implementation process is designed to be non-impacting to the end-user and trading partner alike. B2BGateway supports all EDI formats and services all major large format retail operations. B2BGateway. supports all EDI needs for retailers, manufacturers, distributors, etc. around the world. The ease of operations and the full service implementation that B2BGateway  provided made the entire EDI process very easy for JOD Foods.


JOD Food Products has established working vendor relationships with Musgrave and has substantially increased their business. JOD Food Products, having EDI capabilities can now target other large food retailers in Ireland and in other parts of the EU. JOD Food Products was able to increase their business base without increasing their staff. Orders are imported into the Mamut package with a simple click of a button. There is no need to hire costly and error prone order entry staff members. When JOD Food Products wants to invoice buyers, a simple click of a button extracts invoices from Mamut and sends them to B2BGateway.Net for reformatting and delivery to Musgrave, (or future trading partners). So, business has increased, orders are processed more efficiently and error free, and the price of the solution is less than a fraction of the cost of an entry level order entry person. B2BGateway.Net and Mamut have provided a quick, easy and cost effective solution to JOD Food Products.

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