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B2BGateway has been great to work with. The team is efficient and the transaction platform is second to none. With all the changes going on in today’s business world, I have 100% confidence in B2BGateway to handle that portion of my business.”

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Redmond, Washington, USA


Wholesale distributors of computers, software and electronics.

Business Challenge

eRequisite needed to streamline their transactional processes with Buy.com.


eRequisite elected to use B2BGateway’s fully-integrated EDI platform. The platform allows for real time inventory and price levels to be pulled from eRequisite’s NetSuite and automatically sent to Buy.com.


eRequisite streamlined the transactional processes and expedited the cash cycle payment process and eliminated all manual data entry



eRequisite (formerly NSI Networking) is a large, Washington State firm dedicated to providing a wide range of consulting solutions; each one maximizing their client’s overall exposure and increasing the client customer base – as well as potential sales. eRequisite is also a wholesale distributor of computers, software and electronics; bringing tier-one software and hardware into the eCommerce marketplace for less.


eRequisite needed to fulfill a substantial amount of orders accompanied by many associated documents such as inventory feeds, inventory updates, purchase order packs, and advance ship notices. eRequisite elected to use B2BGateway’s fully-integrated EDI solution to automate their transactional process which would expedite the cash cycle payment process and eliminate all manual data entry.


eRequisite chose B2BGateway, a ‘Built For NetSuite’ solution provider and NetSuite partner since 2001 to handle their EDI requirements. As B2BGateway is built into the NetSuite user’s dashboard, the NetSuite user never has to leave their NetSuite account to manage all their EDI transactions. With more than 17 years EDI experience B2BGateway was able to offer eRequisite a completely automated and seamless solution that would allow them to send and receive orders, invoices, ASNs, inventory updates and other documents form their NetSuite ERP system without having to re-key any data.


With the B2BGateway platform in place, eRequisite was able to streamline the transactional processes with Buy.com without any hand-keying or paper trail. Price levels and inventory levels are always up to date and the cash cycle payment process is expedited. President of eRequisite, Sean Crowley says “The team is efficient and the transaction platform is second to none. With all the changes going on in today’s business world, I have 100% confidence in B2BGateway.

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