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“As a client of B2B Gateway, the transition to working with retailer Walmart has been seamless.  Using B2B’s solutions and applications have allowed us to work efficiently with our fulfillment company making sure Walmart’s needs are met on a daily basis.  Thank you B2B for your help and being there when we drop stopneeded you most.”

            Jeffrey Simon | Co- Owner  


Drop Stop


Los Angeles, CA, USA


Consumer goods specializing in the automotive accessories sector.

Business Challenge

After winning an investment on popular TV show, Shark Tank, Drop Stop won a contract to supply Wal-Mart stores. A condition of trading with Wal-Mart is that suppliers must be EDI compliant. Drop Stop also wished to communicate through EDI with their 3PL Motivational Fulfillment and Logistics Services.


TrueCommerce B2BGateway’s Fully-integrated EDI solutions for QuickBooks.


Improved overall supply chain efficiencies, reduced costs and the ability to rapidly scale to meet market needs.

Drop Stop EDI


Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, Drop Stop is a patented device designed to prevent items from falling down in between a car’s front  seats and center console. Drop Stop was invented by Marc Newburger and Jeffrey Simon after Marc found himself in a near collision when he dropped his cell phone while driving. The product was later featured on the popular television program, Shark Tank, where the co-founders secured an investment of $300,000.


After securing the Shark Tank investment, Drop Stop won a contract to supply Wal-Mart, where suppliers are mandated to become EDI compliant for the exchange of standard business documents. Drop Stop also wished to exchange shipping orders and shipping advices electronically with their 3PL Motivational Fulfillment and Logistics Services (MFALS).


On the recommendation of MFALS, Drop Stop contacted TrueCommerce B2BGateway to provide them with EDI connections to both Wal-Mart and MFALS. TrueCommerce B2BGateway, a QuickBooks Gold Developer since 2003, was able to fully-integrate Drop Stop’s EDI needs with their QuickBooks accounting software solution. This removed the need for Drop Stop’s staff to re-key data when processing orders, invoices and shipping notices to Wal-Mart and MFALS. The TrueCommerce B2BGateway Warehouse Support Site (WSS) also allowed Drop Stop to produce their own GS1-128 labels and Advance Ship Notices in-house.


Now, Drop Stop has an EDI solution that is fully-integrated with QuickBooks and thus allows them to receive EDI 850 (Purchase Order) transaction sets from Wal-Mart and return EDI 810 (Invoices) and EDI 856 (Advance Ship Notices). Drop Stop also communicates through EDI with their 3PL, Motivational Fulfillment and Logistics Services, sending EDI 940 (Warehouse Shipping Orders) and receiving EDI 945 (Warehouse Shipping Advice), which allows them to fulfill the order and invoice Wal-Mart. TrueCommerce B2BGateway’s fully-integrated EDI solutions have greatly improved Drop Stop’s supply chain efficiencies, reduced errors and drastically cut down on costs. Being EDI compliant also opens up other doors for negotiating new contracts with other large scale box store and online retailers.

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