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My company faced increasing demands from our customers to become EDI compliant, and B2BGateway had exactly the solution we needed. B2BGateway’s solution not only satisfied my customers, but also gave my company the capacity for more growth through the efficiencies created by the integration with our accounting package. Thank you B2BGateway!


John Costelli | President



Long Island, NY, USA


Consumer Goods

Business Challenge

Fully integrated EDI solution for QuickBooks Enterprise.


B2BGateway developed a unique solution that allowed Castle Merchandising to receive Purchase Orders and export Invoices directly into/from QuickBooks Enterprise.


Improved overall supply chain efficiencies, reduced costs and gave them the ability to rapidly scale to meet market needs.



Castle Merchandising is as a supplier of brand name merchandise to the incentive industry. They are located on Long Island in New York, where they have an on-site warehouse, sales, and support staff. Castle Merchandising has become a reputable and dependable entity in the industry due to personalized customer service, on-time deliveries, quality product, and distributor-friendly services. They provide their clients with brand name watches, jewelry, sunglasses, handbags, wallets, children’s toys, fragrances and much more. Their mission is to provide clients with high quality products for Corporate Gifts, Recognition Awards, Sales Incentive Programs, General Promotions, Fundraising, and any other special programs that their clients may desire. Castle Merchandising also designs and manufactures private label watches.


Castle Merchandising’s business flourished throughout North America, so having the right solution to manage the exchange of electronic documents between more than 20 trading partners was essential.  The company needed a cutting edge, fully-integrated EDI solution that would allow them receive orders directly into their ERP system from customers. Castle Merchandising needed EDI to streamline and seamlessly handle hundreds of documents every day. The company operates by using QuickBooks Enterprise as their backend system for their accounting and inventory needs and they required an EDI partner that could integrate with QuickBooks in order to free up staff resources from manual data entry and error prone processes. The company also required an EDI solution that would allow them sell to multiple other trading partners without a huge increase in costs.


As a QuickBooks Gold Developer, B2BGateway was delighted to support the EDI needs of Castle Merchandising. The company selected the B2BGateway EDI solution to fully-integrate with their QuickBooks Enterprise ERP system in order to remove the need for the Castle Merchandising staff to manually re-key data and can expedite the ‘order-to-payment’ process with their trading partner base. Today with the help of B2BGateway, Castle Merchandising automates the transmission of thousands of EDI documents and tens of thousands of SKUs (product lines) each and every month.


With Castle Merchandising’s twenty plus trading partners, B2BGateway’s EDI solution for QuickBooks Enterprise processes each transaction in live time, providing the company with instant access to orders and payments. With B2BGateway’s direct EDI  integration, Castle Merchandising is able to focus on providing some of the best merchandising products on the market, while at the same time reducing costs, gaining greater efficiencies and receiving faster payments from customers.

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