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“From our first contact with Melissa in sales, all the way through testing and into production, it was smooth sailing the whole way.  Andrew, our project manager, made this process easy and was very responsive to answering any questions.

John Martin, E-Retail | Canyon Coolers   Canyon-Coolers


Canyon Coolers


Flagstaff, Arizona


Sports & Outdoor



We don’t think you should have to choose between buying a cooler that keeps your ice cold, and sending your kids to college someday. There are so many adventures to go on, from rafting (where we got our start), to off-roading, to canyoneering and climbing, and hunting and fishing – all of which are made better by ice that lasts the duration.So in 2010 we set out to build a premium ice chest that could keep food and drinks cold for the duration of a 27 day rafting trip through the Grand Canyon, but to offer it at a price that was accessible to all adventurers.

And we did just that. Canyon Coolers are consistently ranked at the top of the pack in ice retention tests, and our prices consistently at the bottom compared to other premium ice chests. And our warranty is second to none. The adventuresyou go on should be the status symbol, not the cooler you take with you.


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Based on a recommendation from a trading partner, Canyon Coolers needed to streamline their sales order processes and find a reliable EDI solution.


After reaching out to Business Development Representative, Melissa, confidence was made in B2BGateway’s EDI solution right from the start “and they did not disappoint.” Canyon coolers now has the confidence to build more relationships with vendors who want to setup with them electronically.


B2BGateway’s solutions streamlined the ordering and invoicing process and allowed Canyon Coolers to communicate seamlessly with their trading partners. They no longer had to bill individual stores and could reach all 4,500 of them at once.

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