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“B2BGateway does what they say they’ll do. Their solution works, they’re responsive and if I have a question I can always reach support. Their staff is friendly and I enjoy working with them.

Dennis Fisher, CEO | Bee Bald LLC  BeeBald


Bee Bald LLC


Cleveland, Ohio


Consumer Packaged Goods | Mens Grooming



Why call the company BEE BALD® and what does the name have to do with our products? Don’t let the name fool you . . . honey and pollen extracts are packed into all of our products (“BEE”) and I’m bald (“BALD”). I wanted high quality, affordable products that were perfect for my face, but also my head. It seemed simple enough, yet no one out there was making them.

BEE BALD® products have quickly found their way to retailers and web resellers throughout the country. It’s truly a great time to BEE BALD!

– Dennis Fisher | Bee Bald LLC


Bee Bald LLC found that trying to comply with the varying requirements of multiple retailers’ individual needs became overwhelming, especially considering the technical nature of the work involved. They needed a reliable, simple, and hassle free solution to get the job done.


B2BGateway’s EDI solutions integrated flawlessly with Bee Bald’s accounting software and immediately had orders importing directly into QuickBooks.


Integrating EDI with QuickBooks is a huge time saver. Their solution works seamlessly.” Bee Bald is thrilled to have complicated processes broken down into simple, hassle free and reliable EDI.

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B2BGateway offers Fully Managed EDI & API Connectivity Solutions for QuickBooks that are 100% built and maintained by B2BGateway developers. B2BGateway’s  QuickBooks solutions facilitate the seamless exchange of any business documents such as purchase orders, invoices, inventory updates, and advanced shipping notices. B2BGateway supports any communication method (FTP, AS2, HTTP, etc) and any file type (X12, XML, EDIFACT, CSV, etc). B2BGateway’s QuickBooks solutions are simple to use, competitively priced, and eliminate manual data entry errors that result in costly chargebacks.

In addition to our global headquarters in Rhode Island, B2BGateway has offices in Ireland and Australia enabling us to offer unparalleled support across all time zones.
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